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Dec 29, 2010 01:30 PM

Chowing on a Disney Cruise?

I'm going on the Disney Dream this Spring and already want to plan to chow.......

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  1. I've never been on a Disney cruise, but my boyfriend is currently working as a musician on Carnival Cruises for 5 months and the Disney website looks similar to Carnival's. If you know the ship you'll be on, the website should have some details as to what dining is available.

    1. WIth a kitchen trying to literally feed thousands, don't expect anything special. Just my experience from the several cruises I've been on.

      1. I went on a Disney cruise with a childhood buddy quite a few years ago - back when the Disney Magic first set sail. They had three main rotating restaurants - you usually dine at a different one each night. Each has a theme - and it's atmosphere more than anything else, although I remember the food at "The Animator's Palate" (the restaurant that changes from black & white cartoon images to color with the progression of your dinner courses - very cool idea!).

        They do have an adults-only restaurant on-board. The one on the Disney Magic was called Palo - not sure what the Dream offers, but make a reservation as soon as you can if you want to secure a table - the food is delicious - usually Italian - and the ambiance is great for a special night out sans the little ones.

        I do remember a HUGE array of dessert spreads and wonderful fresh fruit during all hours of the day -- indulge and have fun - and explore that ship up and down! It's a fantastic cruise! :o)

        1. I've never been on a Disney cruise, but I've been on Royal Caribbean, Norwegian, Carnival ,Holland America and Princess. Carnival owns Holland America and Princess.
          I'd say they all have the same quality of food....they're all buying from the same purveyors when at the same ports.
          If you're a real foodie, then nothing is going to knock you're socks off. The food is good and they do the best they can serving 10,000 meals a day. They all do a pretty good job and there are going to be hits and misses.