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Dec 29, 2010 12:42 PM

Uneeda Burger

So I checked out Uneeda Burger during its soft opening last week. I was pretty excited for the opening of this place because the owner is also the proprietor of one of my favorite burgers in Seattle found at Quinn's. I also read that Uneeda was working off of a Shake Shack style of burger which rates very highly by burger aficionados.

Overall: this was a fantastic burger.
Beef: I had the Painted Hills patty. They also offer a local Wagyu and grass fed option for an additional price. The burgers are cooked to a really nice medium and the meat is tender, charred and has a nice loose form that falls apart (as opposed to say biting into a sausage patty). One friend found their meat under-seasoned and I saw that on Yelp also but mine was seasoned nicely.

Bun: was a sesame seed bun that was nice and soft to absorb the meat juices. It wasn't too big and neither was the burger overall. I am glad they did not try to get too fancy with the bun resulting in an overly chewy and bready bun.

Toppings: the lettuce was shredded romaine which really didn't offer much. I think a leafy lettuce would be better. There were pickles and I think tomatoes which was combined with a special sauce. I order cheddar and bacon also. The cheese was good but I wish they offered American cheese as an option considering what they were going for. The bacon was great. 2 big slices, cooked long enough to break apart when bitten into.

Fries: both the skinny fries and the waffle fries were really good. The skinnys are really just regular sized fries so don't expect shoestrings.

Shakes: I don't order shakes often but went ahead and tried one for the whole experience. It was hand-dipped and tasted good (as blended milk and good ice cream should). It was $5 but came with 2 servings.

In conclusion: get over to Uneeda Burger if you like a good, fast food style burger. In my opinion it blows Red Mill and Kidd Valley out of the water and is right there with Zippys as one of Seattle's finest. I cannot wait to go back and try out some of their other offerings.
Has anyone else been to this place? What did you think and how does it rank with your favorite burger places in Seattle?

Kidd Valley
15259 Bel Red Rd, Bellevue, WA 98007

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  1. Haven't been there yet. Unless someone vouches that they're better than Rain City Burgers on Roosevelt (f/k/a Primo Burgers) or Lunchbox Laboratory in Ballard, I may not ever try Uneeda.

    Primo Burgers
    6501 Roosevelt Way NE, Seattle, WA 98115

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    1. re: kaleokahu

      Just to say lunchbox lab is closed until it reopens in SLU sometime in the future.

      1. re: Charles

        Charles: My cardiologist will be suicidal. Not another episode for the owner, I hope.

        1. re: kaleokahu

          Regarding LunchBox Lab- the owner sold out to the owner of some business in South lake union and he's turning his original biz (since it must not be doing well) in to LBLab (essentially bought the name/concept). So, you gotta know that there will be a ton of drift in the quality&concept, no matter how hard the new owner tries. Too Bad, I liked the oldLBLab as well, even if it was disgustingly dirty!

          Oh, BTW- Uneeda Burger Rocks- the food is sooo much better executed than the rest. Well seasoned, fresh, good acidity balance in most of the burgers- they're not just rich fatty gut bombs. I hear they'll be adding bison & elk burgers as well. Can't wait to have a Belgian on tap w/ one of those!!!!!

          1. re: braisedmeat

            Is that correct? I thought I read that Scott had partnered with the guy from South Lake Union.

            1. re: Lauren

              Lauren's right. Here's what's happening with Lunchbox Lab and Scotty Simpson:

              1. re: GourmetLight


                "Many of you have heard we had an investor and former friend who would carry us to the promised land. Unfortunately he dropped us via email on news year eve very unceremoniously at the last moment. It put us on the brink of death but the Lunchbox and its family will fight to the death to keep a dream alive. We are happy to say we have signed a NEW one year lease here so please stop in often so we can all work for the ultimate laboratory."

                ... and still lists the Ballard address. This could have been up on their web page since last new year for all I know; I hope so, Southlake Grill is less appealing than nearby options but Lunchbox Lab would do great among the recently arrived Amazon crowd if the food quality didn't fall too far. (Blue Moon Burgers isn't really competition.)

                Southlake Grill
                1253 Thomas St, Seattle, WA 98109

                1. re: terrier

                  The post on the website is really old. Here's Scotty's FB update from 12/11/10:

                  "Almost 4 years in Ballard..lunchbox laboratory will close Dec.19th and will reopen in big digs on south lake union. Burgers are still here but we will feature done dining American fast food and two bars with full arcade. Yes arcade I said. The greatest Burger establishment in the world."

      2. re: kaleokahu

        I only went to Primo Burgers once but it was horrible! Is Rain City better?

        Primo Burgers
        6501 Roosevelt Way NE, Seattle, WA 98115

        1. re: Lauren

          One of these days I'm going to get a bag of greasy Dick's,
          but amy trying to lose weight. Oh, well.

      3. The classic burger (1/4 lb) @ $4 was very tasty and I'll be going back for more. The 1/3 pounder series, with more exotic toppings, pushes the price up to around $8. Those are certainly good, but may not be worth doubling the price to most folks.

        I went yesterday, during this very cold weather, and the place was too cold to stay and eat. Until the temp goes up or they get some heat, get your order to go.

        All in all, Uneeda is a wonderful addition to the growing selection of good, reasonably priced quality burgers in Seattle.

        1. Checked out Uneeda Burger last Sat and would definitely go back. We ordered the plain burger, add cheddar and bacon with the upgraded patty (1/4 lb), and the regular 1/3 lb patty oin the #8 with crimini, porcini, truffle salt, shallots and gruyere cheese. YUM. The patties are different sizes and the upgraded one had a weird livery flavor and was over cooked (it's so thin I don't think they adjusted the cooking time when cooking it with the thicker regular patty). The upgraded patty wasn't worth the extra $4 but we'd totally go back for the regular patty. Also, their poutine was excellent (but expensive!). We got a bowl of waffle fries covered in gravy with a little cheese for $6. Tasty, but pretty steep for the gravy addition since a regular order of waffle or skinny fries is like $2. Oh well. Next time we'd add an egg on the regular (for like $0.80!) and stick with the regular patty.

          They also have outdoor picnic table seating for when it gets warmer and about 8 spots in a parking lot next door. Pretty sweet.

          1. I had the lamb burger tonight and it was one of the best burgers I have ever eaten. Great char on the burger and the bun. The patty had a strong lamby flavor and was very juicy. Toppings were charred peppers, arugula and a tempura lemon, which added a nice touch of acid. The brioche bun held up well. It's expensive at 12 dollars but worth it. Waffle fries were good as well.

            1. Thank goodness Uneeda is here to save us, as LL struggles to recover its balance within the shifting culture of far-off SLU. As with Canal Place, in downtown Fremont, it feels like somebody sucked-up a turkey-baster-full of Kirkland and injected it into the hip of Lake Union. Hmmm...?

              At Uneeda, Intentional flavor combinations let the flavor of the food speak. OK, with this many voices speaking, confusion is bound to happen sometime. We have only started on this menu, but I loved the deliberate combination of flavors in the mysteriously named Philly Smash. Roast peppers - yum. There is definitely a lot to learn on that menu.

              The onion rings even have the tooth and taste of onion (and, of course, oil, but good oil..), and the waffle fries are all caramelized potato goodness.

              Lake Union Cafe
              3119 Eastlake Ave E, Seattle, WA 98102