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Dec 29, 2010 12:16 PM

Swimming Rama

Does anyone have a recipe they'd like to share? I found all sorts of recipes online (including plenty of quick recipes using pb & prepared curry pastes), but would prefer to use a recipe a CH has tested.

I don't mind if it's a from scratch recipe, or a quick recipe using pb, prepared curry paste, etc.


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  1. I've made the recipe from the Taste of Thai website and we found it to be so tasty that it is now in my Quick & Easy file.

    If you have to do a search they call it "Chicken in Peanut Sauce with Spinich" in the index. I followed recipe except couldn't find packets of peanut sauce mix so added some I had in the fridge from previous Rainbow noodles. I also added just one 6 oz.bag of baby spinach (Thought, surely recipe's 18 oz. MUST be a misprint...Pssssht). Next time I will add it all. Also didn't use fresh tomato on top, might as well sprinkle w/ styrofoam as use winter tomatoes around here.

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