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Dec 29, 2010 12:15 PM

Tasso in East Bay north of Oakland?

Anybody know where I can pick up some tasso? I'm in Richmond/El Sobrante so Oakland and north would be convenient.


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  1. Hobb's Applewood Smoked Meats of 637 Po Box, El Cerrito, CA. Phone: 510-232-5577
    Give them a call first. I am not sure if they sell retail or not. There Tasso is the best I have had in the SF Bay area.

    1. They are actually in Richmond.

      1. I've bought tasso at Taylors Sausage in the Oakland housewives market.

        1. Did you ever have any luck finding Tasso? I am looking for some also and neither places below have it available retail.


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            1. re: momorains

              Hobb's couldn't tell you where he sells it to? And if Taylor's no longer sells it ...... maybe call Angeline's Louisiana Kitchen and ask them where they get theirs?

              Angeline's Louisiana Kitchen
              2261 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley, CA 94704

              1. re: gordon wing

                Hobb's says they only sell their Tasso to restaurants, or I could buy 10 lbs of it, and they only sell their bacon to retail locations. I will try Angeline's. I used to get it from Corti Brothers in Sacramento. I might just have to make the trip there and stock my freezer. It is hard to believe there is nowhere in the east bay that sells it retail. Thanks.

                1. re: momorains

                  I buy mine from Cajun Grocer; it ships frozen.

                  1. re: momorains

                    Not north of Oakland, but closer than Sacramento: you can order Hobbs' tasso through Golden Gate Meat Co.:


              2. Although not in the East Bay, Dittmer's in Mountain View makes and sells it. They're temporarily closed due to a fire but hope to reopen fairly soon.