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Dec 29, 2010 11:09 AM

how to bake puff pastry with all layers being done and not burn it

Hi, I am NOT a Baker more of a "cook" type. I always make Ham Pithiviers (ala Julia Child) but like to make them cocktail sized for NYE I put them in Muffin tins with 1 round in the bottom pricked fill top with a decorative top delish but sometimes they are soggy on bottom or too done on top any suggestions (400 oven) 35 mins depending...


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  1. Put a sheet pan in the oven as you preheat it, and place the muffin tins on that. This will give an extra boost of heat to the bottoms, so you can remove the tins as soon as the tops are your preferred shade of golden-brown.

    1. I agree with greygarious. I would add that your oven at 400 may be a bit on the hot side and they might do better at 375.

      1. Hmmm. I wonder if you could just skip the muffin pan altogether, and do them on a flat sheet pan? They should still hold their shape; but if you're putting in a lot of filling it could be a problem.

        (I think the filling is what might be causing the sogginess, is it a fairly wet filling?)

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          Hmmm the filling is 1/4 c heavy cream 2 egg yolks some chopped ham, shallots softened in butter and seasoning thickened on the stovetop then sprinkled with parm-not very wet -the muffin tins create a psuedo shell that almost completletly encases the whole thing when the top puffs up I will try to not over fill (but the filling is so darned tasty!) and pre heat a sheet pan and turn the heat town a tad... It just sucks not to enjoy akll the layers of puff and have a gooey bottom but overborwoning imparts a bitter taste to the whole shebang!

          1. re: debmykar

            Any filling will reduce the rise and crispness of the paster under it. That happened to me with a simple filling of steamed sweet potato slices. The rim of the flat tart rose nicely, but the center did not.

            Baking the pastry shell blind (empty) is the best bet for uniform rise and doneness.

        2. If the top browns too quickly try covering it loosely with foil and uncover again at the end to re crisp.
          Also are you cooking on the lowest shelf or on the actual bottom of your oven? Or bake on a pizza stone on the floor of the oven.