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Dec 29, 2010 10:55 AM

Suggestions for celebration dinner in Tokyo

I plan on running the Tokyo marathon in Feb and would like to have a nice celebratory meal that evening. It's a Sunday. My budget tops out at $300 for two people. I'm open to most kind of food except for French. (yes, I like French but don't want it for this particular meal). It would be nice it's something uniquely Japanese, like the food, the presentation or the decor...etc.

Or am I kidding myself and I'll be too tired to even enjoy it? Maybe I should grab a bowl of ramen somewhere and have a beer instead?

Any thoughts, suggestions?


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  1. OH, wanted to add it would be an early meal and it would be nice if they sold wine by the glass.


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    1. re: Asticat

      Hey, good luck with the marathon!

      If it were me, I'd go for some very luxurious take-away, and save the public celebration for a few days later when I could enjoy it more.

      1. re: Robb S


        Take-away sounds great. Too bad I'm not staying someplace nicer that night, but it's just a simple business hotel. Maybe I'll do a great meal when I get there and the day after go to a ryokan and have dinner there.

        I think I'll carb-reload with a steaming bowl of ramen post marathon night. Yum.