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Dec 29, 2010 09:31 AM

é by José Andrés

As SDGourmand alluded to in another thread, this is José Andrés' "third" restaurant in the Cosmopolitan hotel. I thought I'd provide some info for interested parties:

It is an 8-seat table located within the Jaleo space. There are 2 seatings a night - 5.30pm and 8.30pm. The current price of the tasting menu is $150, "subject to change at any time". An email from their GM describes it thusly: "The menu and concept are unique to é by José Andrés. The menu will celebrate Spanish gastronomy in its most pristine forms. Chef Andrés crafts a culinary journey that unfolds through the evening using contemporary techniques applied to premium ingredients."

I'm fairly certain that é has instantly become the hardest reservation to secure on the Strip. 2 days after hearing about it, we tried and failed to get a seating for this week - reservations are accepted a month in advance, and I'm guessing that most spots are already booked. While we were eating dinner at China Poblano last night, their GM mentioned that Ferran Adria was visiting Vegas and would be cooking a few dinners at é this week - this undoubtedly contributed to the rush for reservations.

We look forward to trying é on another trip - it sounds like a different experience from Minibar and Saam. Until then, if you've been, I'm sure everyone else would be happy to see a report! :)

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  1. Thanks for the info on this. It seems very interesting and worthy of revolving a trip around it.

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      1. Just dined at é this past week, and had roughly the same set of small bites as Kevin. I would second his thoughts in that é is one of the top dining destinations in Las Vegas. I'd go back in a heartbeat.

        If you live in the area and want to try them out, I'd encourage trying to go soon, before they become as busy as minibar in DC. Having dined at both (and both are great), I found that I personally enjoyed dining at é a tiny bit more. The food is incredibly inventive and delicious at both, but the ingredients at é (caviar, Jamon Iberico de bellota Fermin, foie gras, etc.) really does set them apart. Plus, I found the interaction between chefs, hosts and diners at é better.

        A couple of thoughts:

        Even if you're headed to Las Vegas soon and reservations seem like a long shot, send them an e-mail if you'd like to go. They are getting some last minute cancellations so if they're booked while you're there, ask to be given a call if something opens up. We only had 4 at our seating and while we loved the personal attention dining with only 2 others, I think having all 8 seats filled would have led to an even better time.

        Currently, the price is set at $250 plus tax. This includes food, drinks (5 types of wine for us) AND gratuity. I would have gladly paid more and found the price to be a bargain compared to what you get at certain other places in Vegas. The price Kevin got? An absolute steal! Haha, I'm a little jealous actually.

        Go now, have fun and I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did.

        1. Funny, I emailed them twice so far, received their stock reply, "thanks for contacting us, we will get back to you shortly", and after a week, still haven't heard back from them. I really would like to get in for dinner, but for them not to get back to you, is not really a good start. Even Luis Garcia from El Bulli answers back within two or three days. (Usually with a no, but once with a yes)!! Come on e', reply to my email!!

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          1. re: sockster

            To be honest, I was quite worried about service as well. The first time I e-mailed, I received no reply... over the next week I received various answers about é over the phone ranging from "We won't be taking reservation at this time since we won't be opening for another month" to "We just opened last week, so they're trying to work everything out."

            The second time I received their stock reply and had given up hope when I received my congratulatory reply over a week later (and 4 days before I left for Vegas!)

            When I dined there last Tuesday, I was the 66th person to have eaten there, so I do think it's early and they're trying to work out a lot of kinks. If there is one aspect that miniBar kills é it's in the reservation system. It's ridiculous to try and get a reservation at miniBar (esp in Hawaii where I was waking up at 4 am to call) but the system is fair.

            Hopefully, you'll get a positive reply soon! I will say despite my initial frustration, once there all of my worries were for nothing. They took great care of us.

            1. re: jsa056

              Thanks for your reply. Hopefully I'll hear back soon.

            2. re: sockster

              At least you got a stock reply.

              Wife tried calling and got some one from the Comopolitan who had no idea what in the hell restaurant she was asking about. She finally got transferred a few times to various Jaleo lines before finally reaching some one who told her they only do reservations by email.

              She sent emai and has not gotten a reply. It's not quite a week.

              1. re: zippyh

                The reply I received was an auto response email. So far, no real reply. And this, as listed above as well is the correct reservation email:

                1. re: sockster

                  Yeah, that's the email address she used. No auto response.

                  1. re: zippyh

                    On 1/6, I sent an email to the above address and received the following response about three hours later: "Thank you for your interest in é by José Andrés. We will be in touch shortly to discuss your request."

                    Then, two days later, Jaleo GM Michael Ploetz confirmed my reservation. However, before I sent the email, I also called Jaleo, and had the hostess leave a message for Anthony, who heads up operations at é.

                    1. re: kevin h

                      We ate their last night and it was unbelievable. One of the best experiences I have ever had. BTW...Kevin, I got the rezzies using the email you provided. Thank you very much!!

                      1. re: cdmedici

                        I've had no luck with getting a response from that email address. I've had 2 emails go unanswered (beyond the auto-response). Guess I'll try again, maybe 3rd time will be the charm.

                        1. re: Chris VR

                          Keep trying. I sent 3 emails before I got a reply, confirming a reservation for Feb 23rd.

                          1. re: deknor

                            I'm up to 3 so far, trying for that same week. That's probably all the effort I'm going to put into it, though. I'm sure I'll find another place equally glad to take my money :-)

                            1. re: Chris VR

                              My wife finally heard back from the dude Saturday and then more silence until today when he confirmed us for Saturday. BTW, they're not open Sundays or Mondays.

                              Now to move our Sage reservations.

                              1. re: zippyh

                                I got in as well. Looking forward to it!

                                1. re: zippyh

                                  Very strange. We were the only people there for the 8:30 seating last night.
                                  Food was wonderful Too bad I was feeling a bit under the weather and didn't enjoy it as much as I could. I felt like I was committing a crime against nature when I couldn't finish my foie.

                2. re: sockster

                  I emailed late this past Saturday for next Saturday at 5:30, and got an email today with a "yes." I guess they had a cancellation.

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