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Dec 29, 2010 09:30 AM


First let’s admit that we have very few decent bagels in this city, and none on Capitol Hill.
As my Long Island mother-in-law would say “They-ah’ not like Nu Yawk” (They are not like New York in Long Islandese). And it’s true if you go expecting a New York Bagel you will be disappointed. These bagels are thinner and much less chewy than the bagels I get in Brooklyn, Manhattan or even on Long Island. But they are really good.

The wood firing gives you little almost burnt bits like good Napolitano pizza and they are crispy and delicious. Having never been to Montreal I can’t comment on authenticity but the flavor is good.

I have only tried the feta, green onion spread. It is tasty with a hint of lemon if a bit on the salty side.

The space is very nice modern design but I have always taken them to go.

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  1. I don't know for authentic anything, but these are closer to my personal ideal bagel than any other I've had in Seattle. They're smaller and chewier, not as doughy...not just a roll with a hole. I picked up a dozen of these their first "real" business day and had to restrain myself from eating one plain on the way home because they smelled so good. I plan to make them a regular habit.

    1. My husband spent a summer in Montreal in his youth, and loves Eltana for it's faithfulness to Montreal style bagels -- slightly smaller, sometimes chewier, with a little malt added to the dough.

      We've eaten at Eltana several times - the owner is incredibly acommodating, and the space is lovely. The only downside? No lox for bagels, and a plan not to add it.

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        Agreed, the taste and texture are very close to what I remember from the bagels in Montreal -- which I love, this place is a great addition to the neighborhood. If we could just get some smoked meats, I'd never have to go back to Montreal!

      2. I like the fact that the bagels at Eltana are wood fired and hand made, but they don't let the dough rest, which is traditional in NY and Montreal bagels. That's why the holes in Eltana's bagels are so large.

        1. Please, I don't judge bagels based on a New York scale.
          BTW, what's wrong with The Bagel Deli on Capitol Hill.
          I'm not saying it's my favorite but...
          Bagel lovers, I'm starting a new thread for your bagel thoughts.

          1. Hey, I hate to rain on this gush parade, and as a CapHill resident, nothing could make me happier than to see Eltana succeed, but my judgment is a big thumbs down. Pizza out of a wood-fired oven arrives HOT, whereas these bagels are served most of the day cold. The bagels my wife and I had were tasteless and hard, the pom/eggplant spread ugly. We paid too much for disappointment. As far as I can tell, this joint is driven by foofoo, not substance.

            That being said, I realize the place is young and maybe need some time to get the kinks out. As well, it could be the case that Montreal folks love overpriced chew toys for breakfast. I've never been there, so I can't say. -- At any rate, we will give Eltana one more try in a few months, and we certainly wish them all the best an much success once they finally get their s**t together.

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            1. re: logicprofessor

              Logicprofessor- What do you look for in a good bagel?

              1. re: logicprofessor

                "Chew toys" are what I'm looking for in bagels and I don't think Eltana overpriced. I haven't tried anything at Eltana other than the bagels (which toast from frozen wonderfully, BTW), but I can't say I've ever seen "attractive" eggplant puree. Eggplant is greyish, what did you expect? How did it taste?