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Dec 29, 2010 08:37 AM

Egg beaters instead of egg whites salt crust

I want to do a whole Branzino roasted in salt. It calls to mix 3 lbs of kosher salt with 5 egg whites. Anyone know whether i could substitute egg whites with Egg Beaters...not sure why not but don't want to destroy the fish either.



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  1. you only want the whites to hold the salt together. why are you averse to using them?

    aren't egg beaters supposedly whole eggs? you'll wind up with very salty baked scrambled eggs on top of your fish with this.

    1. You can buy egg whites only right next to the Egg Beaters.

      Whites are used to hold the salt together. Whites won't cook/burn the way yolks will when the fish is cooking.

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      1. re: Cathy

        Egg Beaters are the whites but they have preservatives in them. I know the function of the whites but not crazy about throwing the yolks out or freezing them..maybe I should do a mousse :-))

        Thanks very much and happy New Year ...doing this dish for NYE dinz!


        1. re: ski break

          No. Egg Beaters are made with real eggs, although I think they are 90% whites. That is why they are yellow in color. There is some yolk.

          They also sell 100% whites...

          Right next to the regular and flavored Egg Beaters.

          1. re: ski break

            give the yolks to the dog, if you have one, or make extra delicious scrambled eggs for yourself. yolks are where it's at for flavah.