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Where to buy veal bacon online?

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I just came across this product and thought it would be a great gift for my bacon obsessed husband, but I can't seem to find it online. I would appreciate any recommendations.


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  1. veal is so lean, i'm surprised there is such a thing... did you try the d'artagnan website?

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      They don't have it and neither does igourmet. But thank you!

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        there is such a thing as a "bacon of the month" club. maybe they sell it?

    2. You could always make it. In Charcuterie there's a recipe for normal pig bacon. I'd just adjust as you see fit and cure a hunk of veal.

      1. Not sure you'll be able to find it online, but David Mosner's companies introduced veal bacon and pastrami a decade ago into the NY gourmet market - not sure if they are still making it anymore, though (it doesn't appear in their very full illustration of veal products). You could call to find out what they know:


        1. Three manufacturers now produce veal bacon: Swissland Packing Co., of Ashkum, III.; Catelli Brothers of Collingswood, N.J.; and Strauss Veal, Inc. of Franklin, Wis. SYSCO, the largest foodservice distributor in the country distributes veal bacon to the foodservice marketplace.

          1. This butcher shop sells Veal Bacon and will ship it anywhere.
            U-Need-A-Prime Meats
            13 1/2 Brower Ave , Oceanside New York, 11572
            Phone - 516-764-4589