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dinner with son on arthur avenue

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I'd like to take my 12 year old son out for dinner on Arthur Avenue. He loves Italian, but is not adventurous. Penne a la vodka is about as crazy as he gets.

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  1. Enzo's or Zero Otto Nove

    But you'll get more help on the outer boroughs board....it's in the Bronx

    1. There is not better penne with vodka sauce on Arthur Ave . than Mario's.

      1. After years of regularly eating at Mario's, Dominic's and other Arthur Ave. standbys, my friend, who lives and works in the neighborhood, swears by Zero Otto Nove.

        You and your son can share pizza and pasta. Then walk to one of the many Arthur Ave. pastry shops:


        Zero Otto Nove
        2357 Arthur Ave, Bronx, NY 10458

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          Without hesitation, Roberto's is the best Italian restaurant in that neighborhood. My wife and I have been consistently satisfied with our meals there since before it moved to the new location. It is just off Arthur on Crescent - right around the corner. The home-made pasta is your best bet and there are certainly simple enough dishes for your son.

          Zero Otto Nove is Roberto's second venture and is equally good. Had my wedding rehearsal dinner there and still hear raves about the meal. It may also be a great choice if you are dining with your son as it is more of a low-key pizzeria/trattoria as opposed to Roberto's, which is a more formal-type restaurant. Both are amazing.

          Mario's is good, but over-priced, Amelia's is good red sauce Italian American and Domenick's is the best for a big family style meal with 5 or more people.

          N.B. I am a Fordham University Grad who lived in that area for 4 years plus and I return as much as possible.

          Zero Otto Nove
          2357 Arthur Ave, Bronx, NY 10458

          1. re: famdoc

            Don't walk to just any of the pastry shops... A lot of them are really bad, offering bland junk. They're there to cash in on the "little Italy of the Bronx" marketing. Definitely stop by Delillo's for some after dinner snacks, though. If you're in early, you should also make purchases at Casa della Mozzarella (next to Delillo's on 187th) and Calabria pork for soppressata. Vincent's Meat Market carries some awesome sausages, too.


            Vincent's Meat Market
            2374 Arthur Ave, Bronx, NY 10458

          2. Dominick's is an unusual family style restaurant that a 12 year old would like. Great food too!!

            1. Just wondering...if we go to Zero Otto Nove on a Saturday evening, will there be a wait if we get there by 5:00?

              Zero Otto Nove
              2357 Arthur Ave, Bronx, NY 10458

              1. I think we're getting off track here, although some additional info would be helpful. From the sound of it, you just need a place that your son can get basic red sauce food, but what do you want to eat?

                There's plenty of general red sauce places in the area, but a few places stand out. If you're looking to have something out of the ordinary while your son has red sauce or are open to having pizza, 089 is a good bet. If you want something more Italian American, I'd go with Mario's (they also have pizza, not on the menu). Tra Di Noi is another place that gets great reviews, but I haven't tried it. The rest are mostly red sauce places which each have their strengths but are largely interchangeable in my opinion. Remember, all these places are also literally down the block from one another, so you could always walk around a bit with him and see what he wants to do.

                My reccomendation for dessert is to go to Madonia bakery (before even eating, if necessary) and get some fresh filled cannoli. The other bakeries in the area range from bad to just ok, but Madonia's cannoli is worth the extra trouble. A lot cheaper than getting dessert at the restaurant too.

                As far as other things suggested here, Dominick is a f*cking zoo for dinner which isn't worth it if you're going just to share linguini marinara, and 089>Roberto's for a 12 year old (harder to get into too).

                Tra Di Noi
                622 E 187th St, Bronx, NY 10458