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Dec 29, 2010 06:16 AM

First Immersion Blender. What to do?

I got an immersion blender for supper. I've looked through here and see that it's great for soup and for making mayonnaise. I plan on using it for both.

Any other things I might be missing that are must tries?

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  1. Make a braise w/ a lot of vegetables, mostly root vegetables, Remove the meat when done and puree the sauce and vegetables for a nice healthy thick sauce.

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    1. re: chowser

      Yes thicken soups, stews or braises. You know about soups but use it to make variations in texture. You can go full smooth or anywhere in between.

      1. re: chowser

        I always do that for the sauce when I make brisket. No other thickeners necessary, and it's MUCH tastier than the pan drippings alone.

      2. Just a general tip: Whenever a recipe calls for using the food processor or the blender but you know that the amount of ingredients is just not enough or worth hauling out the heavy machinery for, I use my immersion blender. For example: I think it is a waste to take my food processor out (and clean it!) when making a pesto. I just toss all my ingredients in a tall, narrow plastic container and I have pesto without having to clean out the food processor and then haul it back to the closet where it lives. All I have to clean up is the immersion blender...I store the pesto in the cup in which I made it.

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        1. re: ttoommyy

          Yes - it's a great cheat vs. the heavy equipment. We use ours for smoothies. Put frozen fruit, yogurt, a dash a of cinnamon in a plastic cup and let 'er rip. I also use mine for small batches of babyfood, but that may not be relevant for you.

          1. re: jboeke

            Sometimes there are just not enough ingredients for the food processor blender to get the job done and they get stuck under the blades. That's where an immersion blender really comes in handy.

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              I have a fruit/yogurt smoothies every morning. I leave my immersion blender on the counter as a result. Love it for soups too.

            2. re: ttoommyy

              The big commercial yogurt containers work well for this - tall, narrow, hold a relatively good amount of food.

            3. I agree with the others - use it when food processor or blender cleaning just isn't worth it. I also use mine to make salad dressings, adding a little thickness to soups or sauces by doing a pulse or two, to turn my marinara sauce into pizza sauce I just smooth it out with the immersion blender...I can count on using it once or twice a week for the most part.

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              1. re: mels

                You know for salad dressings I use a jar. Add ingredients in proper order and shake. Works like a charm for most dressings. If I'm looking for a super smooth cheese based dressing or milk based and creamy dressing then I might use the IB.

                1. re: scubadoo97

                  I agree with you on the jar idea! However, one benefit of the IB to do vinaigrette dressing is that it emulsifies the dressing, thus no separation. I combine the two ideas and use my IB in the jar! :D

              2. By popular demand, I've made Bourbon Slush again for New Year's Eve. I usually don't remember to stir it as often as I should while freezing it, and even if I do, stirring with a spoon mixes it well but still leaves some chunky ice crystals. The other day while stirring, I realized there was a better way. I got out the "boat motor" and used that. Perfect! It's looking more like bourbon sorbet now, nice and smooth! Not my normal use for this appliance, but just remember to keep an open mind ;-)

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                1. re: Cheez62

                  Whoa, there Cheez.....Let's hear about bourbon slush!

                  1. re: BiscuitBoy

                    What Biscuit Boy said! Bourbon slush? Bourbon sorbet? Do tell!

                    1. re: Krislady

                      Hehe, sorry to leave you hanging, I hadn't checked back to this thread. I wish I could offer some fantastic story or old family recipe, but it's reall just a common drink recipe, though a popular one among family and friends. The recipe can be found many places with just a Google search, most of them being about the same. Here is a link to the recipe I commonly use:
                      With a good freezer it comes out pretty frozen, I usually dish it up with an ice cream scoop. You'll see that they recommend blending it or otherwise mixing it to "thaw" it a bit. I prefer to put some in a glass and then add a small amount of 7up/Sprite, whatever, and stir. It makes it a bit liquid (but still slushy), and adds some "sparkle". Enjoy, and please come back here to post so I know if you liked it!

                2. I love mine for hummus and tomato sauce. I also use it to make smoothies using frozen bananas, and it works great.