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Dec 29, 2010 05:01 AM

Wine Expo- is it worth going to?

I've never been to a wine expo and a big one is going to be in Boston in January. Are these worth going to? Everything (tastings,lectures etc.) seems very pricey, and as a casual wine enthusiast I am curious about going but am balking at the high prices (remember, we're still in tough economic times). When I go to a job related convention I always find something new (or old) that I didn't know about, meet some interesting people, make connections and usually walk away being able to add new stuff to my repertoire. So, I guess what I'm asking , are wines expo's worth going to for a casual drinker like me, or are they geared for people in the business, and most of the things would be "over my head" or "out of my league"? What's your thoughts or experiences. Thanks

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  1. The Expo in Boston usually is quite good. It's definately best if you can go with someone in the industry, and get in when only the trade is allowed in. When the doors are open to the public it becomes a nightmare, and it's very hard to discuss the wines you are tasting with the vendors/vintners. If you don't mind crushing crowds, then by all means go. It's fun and you get to taste a lot of different wines. There's usually a lot of new introductions.

    1. I used to go every year. Sad to say, however, it's become very pricy, AND turned into a drunk-fest for young imbibers.

      The "Trade-Only" time is down to 2 hours on Sunday early morning, and the venue is so large, and the "good stuff" so spread out it's hard to get any real tasting done in that short time-span.

      Add to that there's an awful lot of plonk on offer, which the college-age set seems eager to devour. By noon, it's (for me) really unpleasant being in the same room.

      What's geared to people in the business are the trade tastings that are held in the spring and the fall. Not too many pros around the big expos who aren't presenting or teaching a seminar.

      That's my most recent experience.

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        ChefJune- talked with a sommelier last night who echoed your warnings. It's too bad some good things devolve downward like that. I guess that seals the deal. I'll just be looking for my usual informative wine tastings in 2011. Thanks

      2. Thanks for the replies. They will be helpful in making my decision.