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Dec 29, 2010 04:50 AM

Dragonfly - Sand Lake

Has anyone been to Dragonfly on Sand Lake in Orlando? I'm going tomorrow...been dying to try it but wanted some guidance if anyone has been. I know it's a Japanese tapas-ish type place. What's good? Thanks.

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  1. I used to go to the original location in Gainesville all the time and was so excited when this one opened. The one up there was always, always packed!!! I've been here a few times. The atmosphere inside is amazing, perfect for a date or a little happy hour get together. The food is a bit on the pricy side, although I think it's worth it. If they have it, the O-toro (fatty tuna) sashimi was very, very good. The mango tango and euro trance sushi rolls are also recommended. if you come with people who aren't too adventurous, dragonfly has a wide selection of cooked rolls (black and Bleu or I remember a chicken roll). Their specialty grill menu has a variety as well, but I've never tried any of it....if im going to dragonfly I'm having sushi!!!!

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      Great! Thanks so much for the suggestions I will be sure to try them! I LOVE toro!!!

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        I'd heard it was an izakaya, but that part is not really accurate. It is mostly a sushi place with some Robata selections and a few unique entrees, but nothing like the small sampling options you'd get at a real izakaya. That said the sushi is REALLY good and the space is handsome. It's weird how it's both crowded and yet serene - a far cry from the chaos of Amura up the street.

        I will say that their specialty rolls are a bit on the gimmicky side and if you are looking for a great traditional Japanese place do not miss the opportunity to drive 5 minutes over to Hanamizuki, but I do heartily recommend Dragonfly as a quality dinner and night out.

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          Ooh you have me excited now, I love traditional Japanese food, someone go and take some pics!!

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            I should also recommend Wa, which is right up the street too on Turkey Lake. We had some great creative Japanese dishes (although I can't confirm their traditional authenticity) and a great experience overall. They had a number of bottles of wine in the 20-30 dollar range which I thought was very reasonable! Well worth the trip.

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                NOOO!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously? Wa closed?!?!?

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                  "Word also comes that Wa, the very good Japanese near Universal Studios, has closed. Wa might have benefitted from using its address in its name -- it was difficult to find it. Although even having the address wasn’t always helpful because the restaurant was not visible from the street. Remember, potential restaurant owners: location, location, location. And visibility. "

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                    I was hoping they were going to close there and open up at a better location but I had seen a notice for the wa restaurant equipment auction. :(