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Dec 29, 2010 04:13 AM

Leftover Prime Rib Ideas?

We have been finishing the leftover prime rib from Xmas. Any ideas for new uses? I have only been warming it up and/or making a sandwich with horseradish.

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  1. Made this beef pot pie from Sheila Lukins a couple days ago (omitted the raisins). Very good, and very easy with the store-bought puff pastry. And used chicken broth. Jeez, I sound like most of that site's reviewers, who change everything! Anyway...

    1. One thing that we tend to do with leftover meat, is make, what my Mexican grandmother used to call, "Bocaritas". Fry some diced onions in oil, add the meat, maybe some diced potatoes, a little chili powder, salsa, or diced tomatoes - Can adapt this with anything you want that you think would taste good - Put into a taco or tortilla for a burrito.
      Way different from the original meal, homey, savory, simple, and delicious.

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        Thank you, those both sound like really good options!

      2. Assuming you have the bones, you can make "devilled beef bones" which is found in the original _Gourmet_ cookbook. It's kinda like going to the trouble of eating the ham just to get to the bone for the split pea force yourself to eat all that prime rib for the devilled bones.

        1. We did a prime rib for Thanksgiving and had lots of leftovers. My wife diced up the prime rib and added it along with some caramalized onions to the leftover mashed potatoes. She then took a scoop of this mixture and put it on a square of puff pastry, added a slice of Stilton bleu cheese, and wrapped the pastry around the whole thing. Bake until filling is hot and pastry is crisp. I think the oven was somewhere between 400-425.

          1. This is Greek version of what to do with prime rib leftovers. Chop the beef into bite size pieces.
            Fry up some onions, diced or sliced, with a little garlic in some oil and butter. Add the beef and a little beef stock. Add some cooked pasta and stir. Toss with a good amount of parmesan and serve. It will be a little dry (for the American palate), but Greeks like it this way. We did this with leftover lamb all the time.
            For a saucier sauce, add more beef broth, a shot of soy, thicken with cornstarch, add some heavy cream and chopped green onions. Equally as excellent and more Americanized.