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Dec 28, 2010 10:34 PM

fireclay vs quartz for apron prep sink

I'm looking at white farmhouse (apron) sinks to use as a prep sink. The choices seem to be fireclay or quartz. I've had only cast iron and SS sinks. If any of you has experience with either of these materials, your feedback would be helpful.


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  1. Eight years ago we installed an Allia Fireclay sink as part of our kitchen upgrade:
    We got the four-hole double basin model (#6327).

    I can say that, hands down, this was the single biggest improvement I've EVER made in a home upgrade! It replaced a stainless double basin sink. This Allia actually measured about an inch smaller in each counter direction (F/B, L/R), but because it's cast rather than formed, you end up with MORE usable sink space. The extra deep main basin is wonderful for filling & cleaning large pots & washing baking sheets. Rohl offers a maple cutting board that fits into the top of the small basin & has a corner opening for scraping food prep refuse into the disposer below. It's a huge benefit to cut your fruits & veggies on this board & have in-sink access to running water & disposal.

    It's a breeze to keep clean, usually needing only liquid diswashing soap to get anything off it. Stubborn stains are quickly removed with a touch of SoftScrub. It's maintained its as-new appearance all these years for us.

    I don't know anything about quartz sinks, but I did find this info to educate myself:
    Are they all made from engineered stone?