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Dec 28, 2010 07:44 PM

Where to find 25 cent oysters in new orleans

i am going on vacation here for new years and want to find some good cheap oysters thanks for the replies

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  1. John Besh's Luke Restaurant used to have them at happy hour (3-6 everyday) for .25 a pop bur the price may have went up after the spill.

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    1. re: nolawinelover

      Someone on the board wrote that Luke's happy hours oysters are 50 cent each. I would call Luke's and confrim that price. Acme raw oyster price have gone up.

      1. re: nola1421

        WAY up...went for lunch in Metairie last week...$18.95 for a dozen grilled and $18.99 for an oyster loaf (3 four inch sections of sandwich) that plus $5 drafts made for a huge lunch bill...over $70 for two

        not saying they weren't good...just really pricey

        1. re: nolapark

          We were in NOLA on the frist week of December, Acme oyster prices. $13.50 for a doz raw. 19.50 for a doz Chargrilled oysters. Didn't ask where the oysters came from. One pitcher of beer, one oysters / shrimp platter with soft shell crab, doz raw and a doz chargrill. Total bill for the wife and I with tax and tip $90.00 for lunch before flying home. Priceless.

    2. We went to Luke Restaurant in November, the oysters were 50 cents each.

      1. Salvo's Seafood has 25 cent oysters. They are located at 7742 Hwy. 23 Belle Chasse, LA 70037
        (504) 393-7303 .closed on Sunday and Monday...(who knows why???) It's super casual and gets extremely crowed at dinner time. Don't forget...oysters are only in season during months with an "R" in them...hurry!

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        1. re: elailne

          Thanks for the tip! Not to offend you but the old rule of no oysters in May-August had a lot to do with the lack of refridgeration historically. There is nothing biological that makes the oysters of poor quality or dangerous during these months its just really hot outside. Kept on ice they are good year round. Thanks again for the $0.25 tip!

          1. re: Ben NOLA

            I read somewhere that it also has to do with reproduction cycles -- that they taste better in those months. forget the details.

            1. re: kibbles

              Went to Acme 12/11 at 11:00 morning. the oysters were good and the grilled oysters were great, but sitting at oyster bar we gave cash for bill and the younger man stole $5 before giving to cashier. We were going to tip $6 so we did not say anything nor did we tip any more. I hope it went to tip jar and not his pocket.

              Acme Oyster House
              724 Iberville St, New Orleans, LA 70130

              1. re: tansu

                was it definitely stolen, and not a mistake?

                1. re: kibbles

                  We gave $50 cash, need some ones so asked for change.
                  Shucker took tab/money, turned his back open tab took some money then handed to cashier and disappeared.
                  Our receipt showed we gave $45.
                  NO MISTAKE, I saw him take the money!
                  We were going to tip that anyway so no big deal but very bad if it is a pattern on behavior.

              2. re: kibbles

                There is also the usual (but not always) spring flooding of the Mississippi that brings a lot of fresh water down. As more diversions are built to build wetlands it also increases the amount of fresh water that gets into the oyster beds.

                This past summer the drought in Mobile and east to Appalachicola made for fantastic salty oysters in those areas.

          2. You're going to have to get out of downtown NOLA for cheap ersters. Last place I saw $.25 oysters (actually ten cent oysters) was at the place off of Hickory/Dickory in Harahan, think it was called Dockside or something like that.

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            1. re: fat harry

              Hope that those were better, than the rest of their fare, as of last time that we dined there. We were horribly disappointed, and that was sort of our old "neighborhood," Savern Ave.


              1. re: Bill Hunt

                I am curious Bill.....what did you eat at Salvo's that was so disappointing? This is the cheapest, cleanest and you can actually get service at this restaurant. All the other restaurants in Louisiana are not able to do that. We've lived here for 2 years and Salvo's is the best for seafood by far. Were you trying to get something out of season?

            2. I just came back from a few days in New Orleans - I did the .50 Luke happy hour oysters and the $1 ones at Bourbon House. Both were very small.

              I'd suggest that you take the St Charles streetcar up to Casamento's - $11/dozen. Definitely worh the price and the trip.

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              1. re: Enfielder

                I actually prefer smaller oysters over the kiddy pool variety.

                1. re: kibbles

                  Mine at Drago's this week were the size of my little finger - fingernail. There were none larger than a quarter, maybe only one near that size. They gave me 15 but heck, put them all together and you'd have MAYBE two decent size oysters. They're small like that over here in Texas too. I was so disappointed because you really can't taste the oyster. Oh well, next year........