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Dec 28, 2010 06:53 PM

Wedding in brooklyn for 140pp - Prospect Park Boathouse or Montauk Club?

My fiance are narrowing down our choices for a wedding reception venue in Brooklyn, and are in love with both the Prospect Park Boathouse and the Montauk Club. We can't decide! Can anyone give us insight into having a wedding reception at either venue, and also how "The Movable Feast" which is the exclusive caterer for the Boathouse v. The Montauk Club kitchen measures up? Thank you!

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  1. I've been to a couple of functions catered by Movable Feast and remember the food being quite good. Won't the parking at Boathouse be easier for your guests? That might also sway my opinion.

    1. Had our wedding at the Boathouse. It is beautiful. Reception was outside by the water and cocktail hour utilized both inside and outside space. When you say 140 pp, I am guessing you mean per $140 person and not people, as the Boathouse does not accomodate that many people.

      We used Movable Feast. In the end everything was good, but the customer service is not the most pleasant, but they are efficient and put everything together well. Also, I believe much of the food is prepared off-site and then brought to the Boathouse, so not optimal foodwise in terms of temperature etc. Definitely tasted better at the tastings than the wedding.

      That being said, their servers were really nice and attentive, food was good and the hors d'ouvres were definitely a big hit and quite tasty. In the end, we could not have been more happy with choosing the Boathouse.

      1. thanks so much for the comments! @ jdf - the boathouse accommodates 120 without any tenting, with 140 we would be tenting the top step and putting tables there as well. I love the setting, i'm just worried about the food and about it being too crowded with a dancefloor and all those tables. We're real foodies and i'd hate to be let down by the food. Anyone eat at the Montauk Club recently?

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          I'm not an expert on caterers but for 140 people, even with a fairly high-end caterer, it's not going to be fabulous - the food is being made in too great a quantity. But here's an idea, if your budget permits: invite a food truck to provide something special, like Calexico of Van Leeuwen ice cream. That could be a fun way to either begin or end the festivities, and will add some foodie cred' to your party.

          122 Union St, Brooklyn, NY 11231

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            Of course. We had 88 and for that size, the dance floor was fine. My guess is that you would be pushing it with 140. As to food, its not restaurant quality, but not sure I've been to any weddings that have been. In that genre, it is certainly good and we did get a lot of positive feedback from guests. As you said, it's a gorgeous space, especially in the spring. Hope this helps and good luck!

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              @jdf, out of curiosity, what time of year did you have your Boathouse wedding? I'm seriously considering the space but have concerns about the lack of air conditioning. Was heat an issue? Any insight is very much appreciated!

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                It was late May. It was a seasonably warm day, but defnitely no problems with the temperature in the Boathouse. All the trees/shade in the park keep it cooler and we had no problems. Can't vouch for a hot July/August day, though.

          2. We just had a wedding at the Montauk Club on December 18, 2010!
            It was magical and beautiful but we had issues with the food service.
            Please check my review under Montauk Club and if you have any
            questions, please feel free to contact me.
            Hope this helps you!

            1. A third option might be the Picnic House in Prospect Park. There is a longer list of approved caterers, so you would have more options. Setting is not exactly the same as the boathouse, but is still very nice.