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Dec 28, 2010 06:06 PM

Finally hit Island Creek Oyster Bar

And it was as good as mentioned by others. The poppy seed bread came with a tasty honey cayenne butter...wish the bread were warm but it was nice and soft because it was baked daily.
We started with some fresh oysters...the eponymous ones from Duxbury, a few next door, and a few from CA that the waiter recommended..all were fresh...topping sauces were the usual cocktail and an interesting vinaigrette.
Then had the razor clams appetizer with ham/butter...first time I've tried them and they had an interesting almost calamari texture. Also had the tasty oyster slider which had some greens and onions on top...loved the brioche roll. The clam chowder had a lot more herbs than most other ones we've had in the area and the croutons were amazingly buttery (brioche?).
For entrees, we had the lobster roll which I think is a lot better than B&G's (not sure what happened to B&G's but I don't think it's as good as it used to be)...only odd thing was pieces of pickle in it (we requested they leave out the celery and onions but didn't know it had pickles); it came on a nice warm brioche roll alongside fresh cole slaw and crunchy (though somewhat oily fries).
We also had their signature lobster roe pasta which had pieces of lobster with chanterelle mushrooms and short ribs mixed with a pasta made with lobster roe; this dish initially came out with pasta that was too salty and with a weird sour taste to the sauce. I mentioned the sauce was a bit salty and they insisted it be redone. The result was night and day. It changed a "why in the world would they call it a signature dish" to a "wow...this is an awesome dish and I wish it were bigger". After the dish came back, the pasta had a lot more flavor (instead of just salty) and the short rib sauce was rich and savory instead of the odd sour.
We weren't planning on having dessert at this point, but the rosemary bread pudding w/ fig cream sounded to interesting to turn down. It tasted surprisingly good (neither of us are really bread pudding fans) and we made it through about a third of it before bringing it home.
Service was great, though I'm sure hitting this place in the middle of a blizzard helped :-) And big thanks to the service folks who came by to get me to send the lobster roe dish back (something I normally don't do because I hate being a PITA).

Island Creek Oysters
296 Parks St, Duxbury, MA 02332

Island Creek Oyster Bar
500 Commonwealth Ave, Boston, MA 02215

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  1. Forgot the lobster roll photo :-)

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    1. re: Spike

      wow - when servers want you to have the best the place has to offer and insist on a "do over" that's a great incentive to give this place my money. not to mention the pictures....thanks.

    2. We enjoyed the roe pasta, but didn't quite think it lived up to the hype (on here or from the servers). Also, the portion was a bit meager for the price paid. We loved IC and will be back, but I would take the the lobster spaghettini at Neptune over the IC dish any day.

      We have found the service to be knowledgeable and friendly at IC, though they have some work to do on the team serving approach. We had multiple people asking if we were ready to order more food, etc. They were all very friendly, but it was far from seamless.

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      1. re: Gabatta

        FWIW, I expected a somewhat larger portion as well. They could easily fix this by adding more pasta and a bit more short rib which shouldn't cost that much more to them.
        Lobster roll was definitely worth it compared to the B&G and Neptune ones though :-)

        1. re: Spike

          Definitely looking forward to trying the lobster roll on the net visit. Was the fluke tartar special still on the menu (not the tartar o the regular menu)?

          1. re: Gabatta

            I didn't see fluke tartare on the menu...only the tuna tartare.

            Also forgot to mention the total after tips was $120 for two people...not inexpensive but we ordered more appetizers than we normally do (normally just one shared or one dessert shared, so we pigged out a bit :-)

      2. I definitely enjoyed my first visit last night for a quick snack of oysters and wine. I liked the design of the place, the service (as good as Eastern Standard), and the menu. Tried six types of oysters which was fun and enjoyed a half bottle of Sancerre. I also like that they offer a selection of half bottles.

        Bread was good, server was friendly, and it's great that ES is right next door if you want to keep your night going!

        Eastern Standard
        528 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, MA 02215

        1. Does anyone know how often the non-oyster menu changes? I went last night and really enjoyed it. Unfortunately, I was anticipating some of the dishes mentioned in this thread which were not on the menu.

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          1. re: southie

            their signature pasta dish should have been still there. What did you see instead?

            1. re: Spike

              The pasta was certainly there. Unfortunately, I was dining with someone who is severely allergic to lobster, fumes included. I was looking forward to the tartare.

              I think I also remember reading about cod cheeks a while ago that I didn't see.

              Everything was great and I really enjoyed the space. There are certainly things on the current menu I wish to try. I just didn't want to get my heart set on something that will be switched out soon. I understand that the menu is based on availability. I was just wondering if anyone had a feel for the frequency.

              Has anyone ever contacted them to see if they would fax a current menu?

              1. re: southie

                IIRC, only the razor clams were a special for the day. Everything else in my photos should have been on the regular menu.
                Being allergic to lobster fumes is crazy...I'm glad I have very few allergies :-)

                1. re: Spike

                  I agree!! I need to go back without him to enjoy the lobster pasta. BTW, the razor clams are on the menu now.