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Dec 28, 2010 04:25 PM

Tainted breadcrumbs?

So I was making CI's crunchy baked pork chops for 8 instead of 4 and somehow ended up with way to many of those delicious homemade breadcrumbs. My mistake was that i was dredging the chops in this massive tray of breadcrumbs rather than dividing them say, in half, so that they didn't all become contaminated with the raw pork. Too late. Now I have about 3 cups of those, did I mention they were delicious, breadcrumbs that I would hate to toss. Can I freeze them and use them for the same recipe, or any recipe if brought up to a safe temp? Thanks for info!!!

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  1. I wouldn't freeze them for long. Just recycle them quickly into another dish that is cooked very well.