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Dec 28, 2010 03:54 PM

What happened to....

We moved from Big D to Seattle in January 1999. There are a couple of places I've been missing something fierce. I'm hoping someone can jog my memory (or in one case I'm sure, play taps). It's been (almost) 12 long years... We're in month 3 of a cross country move, and we've crossed the country more times than any sane human should. I'm hoping for some edible nostalgia to strengthen the resolve.

Somewhere in the M streets was a Persian/Lebanese/something along those lines place that you ordered a meal, either veggie, chicken, meat, lamb, seafood, and you got a little mezzes platter with something called Russian salad, as well as baba ganoush, and the best hummus I've ever had. I have lived all over, and I've never found hummus I liked quite as well. It might have been Cafe Izmir, but heck if I remember. It wasn't a huge place, but nice, and newer. You had the mezzes and then you got your meal with a pile of nice rice. I don't think it was saffron, but I could be wrong.

Somewhere in/near Addison, around Belt Line, was a place that was also newer when we left. They had a pickle/olive bar that had cornichon, it was take out mostly (but had tables) and great salads and grilled stuff. It was not on the same side of the street as Fogo de Chao, but was in that general vicinity, maybe near Midway.... They used to have chocolate pots de creme in little foil cups. They had other yummy stuff, and it was my favorite "today has been hell, I'm getting take out" place. The pots de creme alone could turn around a bad day. I think it was called something Express. I'm thinking it's gone. I'm thinking I'll cry if it is.

There was a place that maybe shared a parking lot or was near Wizards in Richardson. It might have been Papadeaux, but I don't think so? They had peach pecan bread pudding with wonderfully boozy buttery whisky sauce. Was that Papadeaux?

Any suggestions while we're here? We leave Friday morning. Will drive across the Metroplex for must-eat eats.

My husband is Venezuelan, I see there's a restaurant and coffee type place here now, any feedback?

My son would give his eye teeth for either some really great porky, hand pulled ramen, or some soothing pho ga (bonus for really rich stock, and really great, fresh accoutrements).

Thanks, y'all.... Off in search of some dinner eats, and some Jason's for the husband and wee ones. Teen and I are gonna eat something a bit more substantial.

Cafe Izmir
3707 Greenville Ave, Dallas, TX 75206

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  1. The first place you're thinking of was probably Ali Baba Cafe, on lower Greenville. The same folks have another location on Abrams in Lakewood.

    No great ramen in Dallas, but very good pho, in my opinion. In fact, I live in NYC now and still haven't been able to find comparable pho here! My favorite in Vietnam Restaurant (yes, that's what it's called) on Bryan Street in east Dallas.

    Ali Baba Cafe
    1901 Abrams Pkwy, Dallas, TX 75214

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      Hand pulled ramen at Tei An in One Arts Plaza.

    2. For the first place, I think you are thinking of Cafe Izmir. They have the Russian Chicken Salad and very good hummus. It is still very good and would be something to stop in and check out.

      I also think it was Papadeaux with the Pecan bread pudding but I haven't been there in 6 or 7 years, so I can't recommend whether to return.

      Good luck.

      Cafe Izmir
      3707 Greenville Ave, Dallas, TX 75206

      1. I believe you are talking about Cafe Express. This was just about when they started expanding before they were sold and mostly closed.

        I believe the Cafe Express at the Shops at Legacy in Plano is still operational all though it's been years since I have been there.

        I think you are thinking of Papadeaux all though I think the bread pudding is much better at The Big Easy in Plano. Not to mention much less expensive for the quality / quantity.

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          Thanks folks. Much obliged.

          So I was driving around tonight and found Razzoo's, which is the place that had the peach-pecan bread pudding with the rum sauce. They must have "perfected" it, because it didn't separate as soon as I left, it was slightly curdled, and it wasn't boozy enough to make me cough (and it was rum, not whisky). But it's still nice bread pudding. It's common down here in the south, but not so much up in Yankee land, so it's been a while. :)

          I think it must have been Cafe Izmir. I'm not sure I'm going to make it by to try, but hopefully we'll be back later this year.

          And yes, Irodguy, it was Cafe Express, and it's not like it used to be. They totally goofed up my favorite dish. And of course no chocolate pots de creme.....

          Guess you can't go home again. :)

          I'm hoping we'll make it to the Venezuelan Coffee shop for some (not traditional) cachapa and coffee on Friday. We'll see how rushed we're feeling. Wish we could spend a week, but I'm hoping our 3 months of wandering are coming to an end and we'll finally have our new home in Michigan. Sooner we get settled, sooner we get back. It's been too long. :)

          Cafe Izmir
          3707 Greenville Ave, Dallas, TX 75206

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            The south American themed coffee joint you're talking about is probably Zaguan. Not bad for cachapa, arepa, pasteries, etc. Great coffee. Granted I've never had a cachapa anywhere else so I can't make any claims on Zaguan's authenticity.