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Dec 28, 2010 03:41 PM

Espresso Supplies in LA

Anyone know a store with good prices on tampers, milk thermometers, bean containers, etc.?

Does Surfas have this kind of stuff?


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  1. Surfas does have some of this stuff, might want to call first incase they got depleated over the holiday.

    1. How about Cost Plus?

      1. Pasquini on Olympic Blvd. in Koreatown would be a good start. Also, check Rosito Bisani. I think they're in Culver City. For best prices, you'll want to go online. Check out

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        1. re: Bob Brooks

          You can check out the prices at Pasquini, but I think you could do much better elsewhere.

          Nothing against Pasquini, but from my experience they never impressed me as being a bargain kind of place. I bought a Pasquini burr grinder for $300 many years ago which I am very happy with (19 years), it's a commercial grade grinder. Their home espresso machines start at $865...don't get me wrong they are high quality machines.

          1. re: monku

            I think Pasquini is also all E61 grouphead stuff which won't help the OP (as far as portafilters, baskets, tampers, etc.)

            1. re: cls

              Could be.
              All I know is it's not exactly a retail type of store. You can go there and be the only one shopping. My friend has bought several home machines from them for 20+ years and very happy, but they are pricey.

        2. Depends on how in to espresso you are. Surfas has nothing (as far as I am concerned) and no good tampers. Sur La Table, et al, nope. I haven't been to Rosito Bisani, and while it looks like quality equipment, it looks limited. Intelligentsia or LA mill have some good home stuff with fair, but not great, pricing.

          Personally I buy tampers from an Ebay vendor Cafesospeso, and also from and and are frequently recommended too. You might also try and see if anyone has a rec.

          Still, this depends on what you need. If you have an E61 machine and need supplies, LA is not a great place to get stuff. If you have a Krups espresso machine you might find what you need at any of these places.

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          1. re: cls

            I'm somewhere in between the Krups and an E61 with a Rancilio Silvia.

            1. re: sku

              If you have a Silvia, buy online, or you will be disappointed with what LA has to offer.