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Kosher Bakery that Ships

I am in need of not a good kosher bakery but a Great Kosher Bakery that will ship to Atlanta, GA. Any ideas? I am willing to pay top dollar......

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  1. What are you looking for? In my experience, most bakeries will be better at some things than others. My local bakery, for example, makes excellent rye bread, but their challah is only so-so.

      1. There's a really good bakery, whose name I cannot recall, in Kew Garden Hills who has shipped to us in Raleigh, NC. It's just past Mt. Hebron Cemetery, on the same block as Sifrutake and Amalia's on Main Street. Their pareve baking is good enough that you wouldn't even guess it's pareve AND our rabbi, who is hyper suspicious of any non-major hashgacha, was quite happy with this one.

        I think it might be Queens Pita (6838 Main Street, NY (718) 263-8000). Can a Queens resident maybe confirm this for me?

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          From your geographical description, it is Queens Pita you are describing. I can't say much about their baked goods, as I bake myself, so I do not ever buy that sort of stuff. I can say, though, that the hashgacha of the Queens Va'ad is practically universally accepted.

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            I agree. I usually do my own baking, but I ordered for a shul function as the rabbi would not accept home baking and the shul kitchen makes most NY kitchens look luxurious. We found the baked goods a great reminder of the NY-style bakery items that we haven't tasted in years.

        2. Zeldas Sweet Shoppe in Skokie ships and is very good - their pecan pie won best in show a couple years back - http://www.zeldas.net/

          1. I went to Emory University, and the Kroger in Toco Hills has a really good selection of baked Kosher Goods. It's located right in Atlanta, but It really depends what type of baked goods you are looking for...

            1. Are you looking for dairy products or pareve? How about Sapienza in Elmont, NY? Sapienza's products are dairy (chalav stam).

              1. If you are looking for fancy cakes like they have at weddings and bar mitzvahs, then how about Chantilly? I think they do ship, though I have only been to their warehouse in Brooklyn. They have a website http://www.chantilly.com/

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                  chantilly's stuff looks better than it they are

                2. what about Davids cookies? They are OU(D) and ship everywhere. I have only had their chocolate chip cookies and they are excellent. I cannot speak of the rest of their baked goods though.

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                    Costco also has Davids cakes and cheesecakes. Usually much cheaper than other sources.

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                      But Costco doesn't ship, does it?

                      Also, a bit of a tangent, but not all Costco bakeries are Kosher... they may have Kosher items prepackaged by David's/etc, but their own baked goods aren't.

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                        no.. but they're avail in most Costco locations. They're frozen, not part of the regular Costco bakery.

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                          Costco does ship many kosher cakes and cookies (including David's) on their website.

                  2. i like plaza sweets in mamaroneck, NY. Their stuff is dairy. Love the chocolate velvet boule (http://plazasweetsbakery.com)

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                      I live close enough to Mamaroneck and didn't realize there were any bakeries in Westchester that were kosher. I also can't find any Kashrut information on their site or on any other Kosher site for that matter. What hechsher does Plaza Sweets have?

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                        White Plains Bake Shoppe is kosher. It's on Mamaroneck Rd in White Plains. Their cakes are fantastic. There are a couple of other kosher bakeries in and around Westchester. I don't know anything about Plaza Sweets though.

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                          Ah, thanks Craig. I actually did vaguely remember that name.

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                            I walked by Edgar's this morning on the UWS. There was a Plaza Sweets truck doing a delivery. I guess that's where Edgar's gets it cakes from. I don't know if those include all the cakes, just the kosher ones or just the nonkosher ones.

                      2. ricki's cookie corner. you will not regret it! her challah is AMAZING! and the chipsticks are to die for!

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                          I second the suggestion for Ricki's - my parent live in Memphis and i look forward to Ricki's challah and her desserts - her cinnamon challah is dessert worthy -

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                            Someone mailed me cookies from Ricki's last year. Yummy!