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Dec 28, 2010 03:35 PM

Kosher Bakery that Ships

I am in need of not a good kosher bakery but a Great Kosher Bakery that will ship to Atlanta, GA. Any ideas? I am willing to pay top dollar......

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  1. What are you looking for? In my experience, most bakeries will be better at some things than others. My local bakery, for example, makes excellent rye bread, but their challah is only so-so.

      1. There's a really good bakery, whose name I cannot recall, in Kew Garden Hills who has shipped to us in Raleigh, NC. It's just past Mt. Hebron Cemetery, on the same block as Sifrutake and Amalia's on Main Street. Their pareve baking is good enough that you wouldn't even guess it's pareve AND our rabbi, who is hyper suspicious of any non-major hashgacha, was quite happy with this one.

        I think it might be Queens Pita (6838 Main Street, NY (718) 263-8000). Can a Queens resident maybe confirm this for me?

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          From your geographical description, it is Queens Pita you are describing. I can't say much about their baked goods, as I bake myself, so I do not ever buy that sort of stuff. I can say, though, that the hashgacha of the Queens Va'ad is practically universally accepted.

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            I agree. I usually do my own baking, but I ordered for a shul function as the rabbi would not accept home baking and the shul kitchen makes most NY kitchens look luxurious. We found the baked goods a great reminder of the NY-style bakery items that we haven't tasted in years.

        2. Zeldas Sweet Shoppe in Skokie ships and is very good - their pecan pie won best in show a couple years back -

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