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Dec 28, 2010 03:29 PM

Food in Port Aransas?

Any recommendations?

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  1. Shell's is quite good. It's very small and usually is crowded at peak times....we've always had to wait a bit for a table. Beach and Station Street Grill is somewhat of a dive but the food we've had there was okay. For standard, solid breakfast fare, Island Cafe is about as standard as it gets but it's consistent and palatable. I was hoping you'd already have received some input from other(s) who've been to Port Aransas more recently than me. Although I haven't tried it personally yet, Port Aransas Brewing Company seems to have gotten some good reviews and there were lots of cars in their lot the last time we visited the island. The same goes for The Venetian Hot Plate and La Playa.

    Port Aransas Brewing Company
    , Port Aransas, TX 78373

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      Shell's is really small but I really like it. More of a lunch spot in my opinion......

      If you like wine, Pelican Club has a nice list. Little more upscale.

      Pelican Club
      914 Tarpon St, Port Aransas, TX 78373

    2. Lisabella's bistro is the closest to gourmet you can get in Port A -- excellent although pricey. Spaghetti Works is a bit funky but always a place to dine--my husband likes Robert's Flounder while I am partial to Joe's ...and they have a great butterfinger cheesecake. Virginia's is right on the harbor and is a great place to sit and have a drink, beer, burger or fish. Trout Street Grill also has great water (harbor) views, the food has been average but the deck is a wonderful place to sit and relax.