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Dec 28, 2010 02:22 PM

(cleaning) shiitake mushrooms?

I've been buying shiitake mushrooms from the Ranch99 Asian supermarket, for about a quarter the price I would pay at Trader Joe's. These mushrooms are labeled "China." (I am speaking of regular non-dehydrated mushrooms, although I buy the dried kind as well.)

How to clean mushrooms has always been a bit of mystery to me, and some corners of the 'net claim that mushrooms grown in China are particularly unsafe, potentially chemical laden, etc. They taste fine to me, though.

Would you eat Made in China mushrooms? How do you clean them?

I put my mushrooms in soups and scrambled eggs. If we agree the mushrooms are safe, what are your other favorite preparations?

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  1. I clean mushrooms, depending on variety, fresh or dried....with a quick bath or a few dips in water. They do not absorb enough water to make a difference in anything I have made in the past.

    Chinese Casserole clay pots
    Addition to Green Vegetable medley
    Chinese Stir Frys
    Dim Sum
    Stuffed with Meat or Sea Foods
    Mushroom Medleys

    I have no problem eating mushrooms.....or most products imported from China.

    1. They should be cleaned the same way as any other Mushroom. A batch in water and possible a slight scrub if really dirty. I would not have a problem eating Chinese Mushrooms.

      1. I use my mushroom brush and sometimes a damp paper towel to wipe them off.

        My grandmother used to pick mushrooms in the woods. I was always afraid to eat them . . .Chinese mushrooms with a few chemicals, no worries :)

        1. Favourite preparations? Oh, wow. As a mushroom adorer that would be hard to pick. Duxelles would be one (i.e. Beef Wellington). Chanterelles simply sauteed in butter with fresh thyme. I like plain old creminis marinated. Boursin stuffed, creamed on toast, garlic butter roasted, warm mushroom salad with toasted hazelnuts, grilled portabello stuffed with feta and a balsamic glaze, enoki in a simple salad, wild mushroom risotto...

          1. I buy my shiitake mushrooms and other mushrooms at the Chinese grocery also. I snap off the stems, then wipe the caps clean with a paper towel.

            Favorite preparations-
            - creamy mushroom soup (no cream)
            - mushroom udon soup
            - spinach and mushroom tart (no crust)
            - tofu, mushroom, napa cabbage stir fry.

            If button or cremini mushrooms are avail loose, I choose the largest ones and make stuffed mushrooms. I made stuffed mushrooms for dinner tonight- stuffing is carmelized onions and mushroom stems with with mushroom broth and thyme. Topping is mozarella cheese.