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Dec 28, 2010 02:04 PM

Onion Rings

Where can we find the best onioin rings in Miami or So Florida?

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  1. Good onion rings aren't worth driving 100 miles for but the Pelican Cafe in Lake Park or CG's Burgers in Jupiter has some good thick, sweet onion rings. I don't like the onion 'straws' that some places serve.

    1. The onion rings at the newly opened ROK BRGR, in downtown Fort Lauderdale, are extremely good. I've had them both times I've eaten there. The burgers are amazing, as well. And you gotta try the deep fried bread 'n' butter pickle slices.

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          ROK BRGR is at 208 SW 2nd Street, next to the Himmarshee Bar and Grill, in downtown Fort Lauderdale's entertainment district.

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            Not to quibble, but the best fried pickles in South Florida are the deep fried dill slices at Catfish Deweys.

            I used to work near there, and would pick up an order of the fried pickles to take back to the office after eating lunch at Deweys. I could not get from the front door to my desk without all the pickles being snatched from my hands by co-workers.

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              I will have to try those. I'm willing to be proven wrong. :)

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                Is Catfish Dewey's still open I have not eaten there in 15 yrs at least, that's the one in oakalnd park right? Loved that place

                Catfish Deweys
                4003 N Andrews Ave, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309

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                  Still there - we go at least once a season for AYCE Stone Crab claws.

          2. J. Alexander's in Boca and Palm Beach Gardens. Thick, nicely battered, sweet and plentiful.

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              After trying the Colossal Buttermilk onion rings at J. Alexanders, I would have to say these take the prize. For $7, you get a plate piled ~ 15" high of the biggest, thickest onion rings I have ever seen. The three of us couldn't even finish them off. And they are lightly breaded which makes them relatively grease free.

            2. Ruth's Chris has the best onion rings I've ever had.

              1. Sonic Burger, while a chain, has the best onion rings ever, imho. they taste like they were battered in funnel cake batter & use vidallia onions.

                also, while everything else there stinks, the onion rings at burgerfi are pretty fantastic. enjoy the 4 they give you per order.

                i second the vote for rok burger as well.

                also, joe's diner on 17th street in fort lauderdale has some killer onion rings, not dissimilar to those at burgerfi.

                this post was edited because i had used the word "stellar" 3x in a row. but they are, that, too.