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Dec 28, 2010 01:54 PM

Most Over-Rated New England Shoreline Restaurant

I was reading the thread on worst places to eat on the Cape and thought why not expand it to worst, most over-rated place to eat on vacation on any shoreline or lake-side from CT to Maine. It could be just your experience or as usual a Chowhound shaking his/her head in annoyance at a popular recommended spot that is not up to the hype ( usually such a recommendation comes from friends, co-workers or family like for example being advised that Chi Chi's has fantastic Mexican food, on par with true Mexican food out West, but actually it's frozen preprepped food).

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  1. I'll start with Evelyn's in Tiverton, RI, Anthony's Pier 4, Landfall in Woods Hole.

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      Thanks Truffle... About 10 years ago I spent a couple of days in Ogunquit ME and thought the restaurants I ate out were more misses than hits ( breakfast aside). But that was 10 years ago and I can't recall the names of the handful of places we went. It left an impression though. Nice town/area however.

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        I'll second Landfall in Woods Hole. I had one of the worst meals of my life there, and it was seriously expensive as well. The service was as bad as the food--my husband and I decided that the waitstaff never came back to check on their tables to avoid the inevitable complaints. But the view was lovely!!

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          Red Pheasant, Dennis: Once was too much. We visited after hearing & reading their hype for ages. Reserved a table on an off-season week night. The milling staff were not overextended, yet service was minimal and uninterested. The gummy-skinned baked duck was not the crisp-roasted bird touted on the menu. I foolishly let myself be upsold on a bottle of wine by the waiter/sommelier; he praised a Volnay (if memory serves) from a Clos unknown to me.

          I have always been fond of a decent Burgundy. What we were served was tired, thin and ill-kept; it was a sangria-base wannabe. When I complained, the waiter insisted that it was indeed a wonder of the vinous world and insinuated that perhaps my palate was untutored.

          Other aspects were adequate, meriting neither the hype nor the prices.

          I love Cape Cod, but will content myself and my miffed palate with fried clams and passable red-sauce "Italian" while getting my shoreline ozone.

          Red Pheasant
          905 Main St, Dennis, MA 02638