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Dec 28, 2010 01:05 PM

what do you set your hot cast iron cookware on?

I set a hot cast iron cookware on a metal trivet with feet and it got not only the trivet very hot but the little feet it sets on. I was afraid it would burn spots on my wood table.
What do you all set your hot cast iron on when you remove it from oven or stove?

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  1. Yeah, scary. I set mine on *two* very thick cloth squares. I have a few that are filled with some kind of "seeds" or something. Extra insulated.

    1. Cast iron on metal is never a good idea. Take a cue from the fajita servers at Mexican restaurants - use a wood or other non-conducting trivet. The thicker, the better.

      1. 12 inch ceramic floor tiles that were leftover from a remodeling job.

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          That's what i do too. I bought felt discs I stuck on the bottom so they don't scratch the table.

        2. I have a thick butcher-block style bread board that I use. It's probably at least an inch thick (or more). So it's plenty of insulation and keeps the pan higher off the surface. I also have a silicone "sleeve" that fits over the handle so I can move it around once it's out of the oven without finding a mitt each time.

          Like this one:

          It was a gift, I wouldn't have thought of it myself, but I now use it every time I use the skillet. It's also a good reminder once the skillet is empty that it's probably still way too hot to pick up by the handle! (Mine's bright red)

          1. I don't usually put my cast iron cookware on a wood table per sa, but I do use a bamboo trivet for my cast iron to sit on my countertop. Bamboo is a heat insulator and mine is fairly cheap ($1-2). I won't cry about it if the bamboo trivet get damaged and so far it has not.