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Dec 28, 2010 12:49 PM

Bar Taco is OPEN in Port Chester

Finally went for lunch. Simply put the place is awesome. Food is damn good. Decor is very cool & warm in that not cheesey nautical/beach way. Service was almost to friendly and for certain is attentive. We had all the tacos (not a value at $2.50 each or 3 for $7) but very good taste and quality. The veal cheek is deliciously fatty. The rotisserie chicken was delightful & moist studded with rosemary. the gordita's were cute, the salsa that came with it was awesome. Out of the 3 signature salsas that are on the table the verde is the best. The others are ok but nothing special. Lolita's peachy hot one is still the best fruiot salsa I've had in the area. The guac is fresh and tasty but rather skimpy. The chips freshlt fried and warm and are full round 5 or 6 inch tortillas not cut into chips like normal. No opinion on this other than we kept asking for more to use for the guac & gordita's salsa. cold cucumber salad was refreshing and really the only thing we used our chopsticks for. yes they set tables with fork, knife & chopsticks. Also instructed to fill out "order card" sort of like a dim-sum place that has no cart service. They are working out this system still as we just filled out one card with the entire tables order instead of one card per guest which some guests have been doing. Also on the table is a hard platic blue card with the dragon-fly logo that a table can stick into the card holder if one needs attention and anyone from the staff will see to your wants. Cute shtick. Overall another great addition to the area and another example of port chester's food-centric stronghold over the county's good eats. By the way: BEST Churros I have had outside of Mexico City. Served with essentially a small dish of thick hot chocolate but not the nasty sweet kind that is the trend-just a perfect side sauce. Also the ice cream was above par.

PS...custom made sangrias...called clarico. Order a bottle of wine and for an extra $10 they make it into a pitcher with fresh fruit, brandy, etc...It made for a great extended lunch.

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  1. They didn't by chance have a lobster taco?

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    1. re: Proud_2_Be_A_CH_Peep

      No lobster tacos sadly but they did have a thai shrimp one that was ok. they were tiny shrimp in a semi-dry red chile-esque rub. besdies the veal cheek taco the best one was the beef al carbone and the chicken liver with onions.

      1. re: cubanat

        I think the owners are German hence the chicken livers. Los Gemelos has tongue though. If the shrimp is just ok it would be nice to see some snapper or other seafood offerings, but your good review might persuade me to try BT.

    2. Tongue is coming! The menu will get a bit bigger, although not huge. We wanted to start with a few items, and work on getting them right. Better to take it slow and keep the quality high.

      Thanks for the comments. We read them and try to improve. As for the chicken livers, he's half Argentine, half Hungarian, so you were close!

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      1. re: apf

        Where is the gelato from? It was really that good! And don't worry for we will be back for the churros alone!

          1. re: apf

            Thanks apf. Must be from their new gelato line-up.

      2. We are looking forward to trying it tonight!! :)

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        1. re: MRS

          Did you go MRS? Going out to dinner tonight and considering Bar Taco. Would love to hear about your experience.

        2. We tried it out last night. I think it has the potential to be a very happening place. They have made the old Ebb Tide into a really cool, attractive space. We decided to sit at the bar and eat there. Our bartender/server Kobi made some solid recommendations and explained how things work. We ordered the baja fish tacos, red snapper tacos, veal cheek tacos, beef al carbon tacos, thai shrimp tacos, assorted gorditas, chicken tamale, cruncy cucumber salad, and of course, the guacamole. And, margaritas.
          When we go out, we have no issue taking our time and relaxing, but it took almost at hour for the food to start coming out. At some point, our server did check on the food, but that didnt make it materialize any faster. Sadly, once the food did start to come out, we already a bit tipsy from a few more margaritas and SO hungry, so I think we weren't able to really take our time to savor everything. We kind of scarfed the food down. I am not sure why the food took this long, as everyone around us got there food and was eating.
          That aside, I enjoyed the baja fish tacos ( although they needed to be hotter). The veal cheek is quite delicious, too. I liked the tomatillo salsa on the fish. A good combo. I liked the red snapper, too. I was definitely enjoying the gorditas ( we got an extra order) and the crunchy cucumber salad was refreshing and spicy at the same time. The chicken tamale was good, but we inhaled it too quickly. The husband liked the shrimp and beef tacos. I agree w/ cubanat that the guac was fine, but a very small portion. I enjoyed all the sauces and salsas that came w/ the food. Esp the one that came w/ the gorditas. Definitely want to try the rotisserie chicken and the liver tacos, and portobello tacos on our next trip.
          Overall, I liked it and I liked the food. I was bummed that the long wait for the food took a little bit away from our experience, but I would certainly return. We didn't have dessert b/c we were thinking of trying to hit a movie. But, then decided we were hit w/ too many margaritas and went home.

          Ebb Tide
          1 Willett Ave, Port Chester, NY 10573

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          1. re: MRS

            How were the size of the tacos? They look a little small in their pictures. How were the gorditas done? Did they have a filing? I hope they bought you a drink or two for the wait. I am looking forward to giving them a try.

            1. re: foodrink

              The tacos are small, but tasty. I am not a large person and I finished a taco in 2 to 3 bites. The gorditas were fried and they came assorted- cheese, pork and i think,chicken. I had never eaten a gordita so I am not sure how they generally are prepared.
              They gave us some extra tacos and a portion of the pickled vegetables, although maybe the stuff was just plated wrong? Not sure.

              1. re: MRS

                How were the fish tacos? Were they really baja style?

                Place sounds interesting. There's a dearth of inventive mexican in that part of the country... I hope it succeeds.

                1. re: MRS

                  A gordita is kind of like a Mexican pita sandwich. It should be a extra thick tortilla that is cut open at one end and stuffed with stuff. It is usually cooked on a griddle in a little home made lard for a crispy exterior.

                  How were the margaritas? Do they give a good pour in a nice size glass?

                  1. re: foodrink

                    To respond to adamclyde and foodrink, the baja fish taco very lightly battered cod and bit of cilantro for garnish. That's it. The red snapper is a la plancha. Also garnished w/ cilantro.They were very simple and tasty. I think the tomatillo/verde salsa was best on the fish. The gorditas definitely did not look Foodrink described above. These looked griddled, but not like a sandwich. They looked like little discs, kind of reminded me of a croquette for lack of a better word to describe. Tasty!! The margaritas were good and strong, but not an unenjoyable strong. Fresh juice squeezed right in front of you. Came in a regular highball style glass not a big "margarita" glass.

                    1. re: MRS

                      that sounds about right. I've had gorditas that are quite thin... like a thick tortilla, but smaller in diameter, and others that are a good inch thick, which are really common in Mexico City. So one name, many sizes...

                      1. re: adamclyde

                        I love snapper for Baja fish tacos. Cod is a little bland and a little too tender to hold up to frying and a taco.

                        1. re: foodrink

                          perhaps, but I've never had snapper in the fish tacos I've had in Baja. Not that it wouldn't be great... but not a prereq for greatness either! It's all in the light hand of the frying. Texture of the final result should be closer to tempura in crispness and lightness than heavy and oily, ala english fish & chips... then finished with the simple shredded cabbage, creamy salsa and lime/cilantro, it's one of the great foods on earth. Something I never found ever in the Northeast the 10 years I was there... now that I'm back on the West Coast... a different story. :)

                          1. re: adamclyde

                            Tried Bar Taco last night with a few friends. Did not have the same service problems as MRS, although the ordering/help "system" that Cubana described is a little strange (the server described it as "raising your hand in class") and honestly really annoyed one of my friends. We ate in a booth right next to the bar and loved the atmosphere and the music (not sure if the DJ is there every night - it was loud but I imagine it was quieter in the room off the main entrance). At the recommendation of the waiter, we ordered 1 large and 1 small guac which was perfect for 5 people. All the tacos we tried were small but delicious (snapper, baja, tounge, chicken, pork, shrimp). The churros were the perfect ending. The margaritas were great - fresh and strong. Will definitely go back and can't wait for summer nights on the patio.

                            1. re: stmfdfoodie

                              I think our food delay was a fluke. We are going next weekend as a group to celebrate a whole bunch of birthdays together. I can't wait b/c there are so many more things that I really want to try! Didn't really get to try all the "non taco" offerings and I think they are calling my name!

                              1. re: MRS

                                Just got back and had a really enjoyable meal for a place only open 3 weeks. Warm, friendly staff, happening vibe and good eats. We really liked the "small plates" type menu which allows you to try a lot. Prices are reasonably low yet the place retains an upscale/casual atmosphere. Highlights were the beef, red snapper and pork tacos, the churros with chocolate sauce and gelato and my winter caipirinha cocktail. My husband also loved his cup of coffee. As another poster said, looking forward to coming to this place in the warmer months. A good addition to the Port Chester eating scene.

            2. I was there a week or so in a party of four. Although I'm not crazy about the ordering system, the food was great. We tried nearly every taco, including the two snapper and baja fish, the liver and onions, the tongue, the pork with chili verde, the beef al carbon....
              We liked the corn and the slaw sides so much, we ordered them again.
              Margaritas were good, and I really liked the smoky cholula made with mezcal.
              I've been dreaming about the food since we were there, and am going back tomorrow night.
              This is the kind of restaurant that deserves support. We want them to be around for a long time.