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Dec 28, 2010 10:59 AM

Sunchokes or Jerusalem artichokes

Where (and when) could I find fresh sunchokes for sale in Halifax (or elsewhere in Nova Scotia)?

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  1. There are a couple vendors at the market on Saturdays that carry sunchokes. They should still be available right now. At least there were some last week.

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    1. re: boynamedsous

      Do you remember anyone in particular? I've been looking for them in the melee but have come up empty.

      1. re: hstern

        I've looked the for the past two weeks but have not seen any. I do not recall the name of the farm that had them and they have not been at the market since before Xmas. Sorry.
        You could try Hutton farms at the old market (Brewery), Ted had burdock root recently but no sunchokes.

    2. They are usually available at Pete's Frootique in Bedford. I assume Halifax has them too.

      1. Ted Hutten hasn't had sunchoked this year. Alex DiNicola at the Seaport Market has some. I love them. I wrote about them for in an article you can find here: