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Dec 28, 2010 10:51 AM

Anyone been to Tallinn?

I'm spending a few days in Estonia and wondering if anyone had recommendations for dinner in Tallinn. We won't be renting a car, so nothing outside the city or too far off the beaten path. Also, English-speaking staff would be nice since my Estonian isn't quite up to par.

Other than that - it can be any type of food, any price long as it's good!

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  1. Go to Raekoja plats, which is the main townhall square, and shout for Karl Friedrich till someone points you to the restaurant.

    Or go to this website ;-)

    Old student of Bagatelle

    I had some awesome vanilla ice cream there with black pepper and olive oil, amazing stuff. which was about 6 years ago.

    They have some nice german and austrian wine too.


    1. Oh, and when you go to KF, do order the reindeer liver.

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        Thank you very much for the recommendation, though I'm not sure I'm up for the reindeer liver - I will, however, urge my husband to order it.

      2. I would recommend indian restaurant "Elevant" in old town. waitresses speaks fluent english and the atmosphere in nice and calm.

        for more estonian/scandinavian menu go to "Sfäär"

        Cosy Italian You'll find from "Controvento"

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            May be too late now...but just been and a) avoid Old Haus apart from a novelty drink (though the hot nuts outside are good!) and b) try Gloria. Not the Grand Russian Belle Epoque restaurant upstairs, but rather the secret wine bar downstairs. You enter through a wine shop, where you can buy your wines for the evening, and then there are winding passages into the Gloria restaurant's wine cellars. There are a series of rooms, all beautiful, very evocative, feels undiscovered, roaring fire (though we were still chilly!) The food was 'fine' - we shared some charcuterie and smoked and pickled fish, then filet mignon for some, choucroute for others...but the wine and the place itself made the night.