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Dec 28, 2010 09:49 AM

Cooking meat

I received some grass fed sausages (pack of 6) that are frozen. I placed them in the freezer.
If I just want to eat one, should I thaw the whole pack (refrigerator) and then place them in the freezer again?

How do I eat one (it's impossible to break apart because it's frozen solid)? Also, how long do I cook it for?
Can I just keep them in the refrigerator? Does this apply to steaks/patties as well?

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  1. Thaw the pack of sausages partially so you can break them apart, then repack individually or in pairs.....then back into the freezer.

    to cook, low flame with water in a covered pan......when the water evaporates, brown and serve.

    Steaks and patties, no water if frozen....slightly covered is optional. I prefer to allow the steaks and burgers defrost fully before cooking.

    1. I would thaw them enough where I could break apart the 6 sausages, take what I want to eat, then refreeze the rest. I like to freeze on a cookie sheet then put the frozen items into a zip top bag-that way nothing sticks together.

      You could keep all of them in the refrigerator but you would have to consume them all in a timely manner. I use one week as a rule of them for keeping meat in the fridge, though the smell test is always conducted before cooking thawed meats. Your nose is your best guide to what may have gone bad. I apply this rule to all meats.

      As for how long you cook it, what kind of meat is this? Venison? Beef? It would also depend on preparation preferences. I personally like grilled sausages a whole lot better than pan fried.

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        It's beef. Can I cook it this way instead of using water:
        Add olive oil to pan and heat pan
        Lower heat
        Place meat

        Using the method above, how long (minutes) would it take to cook each of the following (all grassfed beef):
        8oz steak
        1/3lb patty

        Also the one week that how long I can keep it in the refrigerator (you said fridge, I think you meant to say the refrig)?

        How much

      2. We always either grill sausages or roast in the oven as opposed to pan frying. So good as Bangers and Mash with Onion Gravy amongst other things, of course... Never pierce the skin with a knife, either, as the juices will run out and result in dry sausage.

        1. I'm all for defrosting, but in the case of a single link, I'd just take the frozen thing and poach it in water. Once it's close to your liking, take it out and pan roast it with some butter to get that crispy exterior.

          As for how long you should cook it for, you cook it until the done-ness is to your liking. Looks at it, feel it, smell it and, if applicable, check the temperature.

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          1. re: ediblover

            Well, I cooked it for about 8 minutes on medium heat and it was tough and had a strong lamb sort of taste. Is grass fed beef supposed to be this tough? All the fat was at the end....not sure if that's because it's a ny strip steak.