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Dec 28, 2010 08:50 AM

new Lakeville,ct. restaurant?

I was just told that there is a new french restaurant near Pastorale in Lakeville,Ct.
Can anyone confirm this and if this is so what is the name of the place.
I couldn't get anywhere online trying to find out if this is fact or fiction.
Appreciative Catnip

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  1. You just have to search a little bit harder, it's there:

    Le Laurentis
    227 Main St.
    Lakeville, CT

    Just opened 3 months ago. Thanks for the heads up!

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    1. re: rbailin

      Thanks rbailin!
      You're right;I have to learn to search a bit harder;will try to do better in 2011(chuckle).
      Will try the place this weekend and let you know what we think about the place.
      A Happy New Year to you!
      Appreciative Catnip

      1. re: catnip

        Had lunch here on Friday.
        This place is outstanding!!!!
        Ordered a ham and chesse sandwich and I was expecting the "ordinary" ham and cheese sandwich you get most anywhere but this one was so different.
        The cheese was on the outside of the bread ands well as inside of the bread with the ham.
        Added were some spices that were outstanding as well,
        Hade a Bloody Mary with their special bloody mix that was just as ,ild and mellow as any i've had before.
        The whole menu looked inviting and that was just the lunch menu.
        Can't wait to get back up next month to try their dinner menu.
        You really ought to try this place.
        Another point is that most all the entrees were under $20.00 making this place not only excellent for food but reasonable as well.