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Dec 28, 2010 07:44 AM

Standing Rib Roast and a Convection Oven - do I need to modify my recipe?

I am planning on doing a slow roast (225*) for a standing rib roast for NYE dinner. I saw the serious eats recipe ( and am hoping to try and do the heat blast at the end too. Just wondering if I need to make any modifications if using the convection option or if I should just use the regular option. I'm new to convection and still trying to figure it out. Thanks!

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  1. If your oven has the 'convection roast' setting on it, that's what I use for the heat blast. It brings the fan and broiler element into play.

    1. It's been awhile since I used a convection oven, but I believe that it will cook it faster and it will brown/crisp it as well. I just did a rib roast for Christmas and cooked it at 25 min per pound at 225 degrees in a regular oven. I would say knock of at least 5 min per pound for a convection oven. I pulled it at 125 degrees and the temp kept rising and maxxed at 135 degrees.

      Hopefully others with more convection experience will chime in. I would use a meat thermometer, pull it around 120 or so to avoid over cooking it when you blast it at the end.

      1. I did a prime rib Saturday with the convection feature on. I reduced the temp 25 degrees F. and followed the recipe to the letter otherwise. I also use a digital probe thermometer, that told me exactly when the meat had achieved the temperature I wanted.

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          Okay, I'm definitely planning on using the digital probe thermometer and my oven already discounts 25* when I use it in convection mode so it sounds like it already makes all the modifications necessary. Do you think I'll still need to do the high heat blast at the end to crisp it? Thanks again!

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            Did an 18 pounder for Christmas, 200 degrees until the probe in the center said 118 per Alton Brown's recipe. Blasted it for 10 minutes of convection roast when everybody was ready to eat and ended up with perfect medium rare slices all the way through. I like this method as 50% of my guests are never on time, the roast rests tented on the counter until needed. As soon as finish blasting the roast the yorkshire puddings go in and everything hits the table at the same time.

            This is my third year using this method, works every time.

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