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Dec 28, 2010 06:51 AM

Brussels Restaurant Recommendations

Part 1:

I know there are other links on the board for some moules frites spots and other top Brussels restaurants. I would like specific recommendations for places that serve dinner late, are good for solo diners, and are good for two co-workers to eat and drink after long working days. Thanks for all the help in advance. Price is not really an object, but long meals and really expensive spots are not preferred. Where can guys go to tuck into some great grub? All cuisines welcome, more recs the better....

Part 2:

Along the same lines as Part 1, are there some great recs for ordering in? We are staying at the Marriot Grand Place.

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  1. I think the typical Brussels 'brasseries' are the best answer to your question. In most of them, you can eat late and have drinks afterwards. In the area of your hotel La Roue d'Or is a Brussels classic. Great atmosphere, typical food and a bit of surrealism. I guess you might also like Steak Frit (, a new concept that serves Belgian cuisine and specializes in our national dish n° 1 steak + fries. A good place to have dinner with a co-worker I think.
    In case you have to work really late, you'll be glad there is Le chat noir (

    As for drinks, choice is unlimited in Brussels. There are the typical beer pubs like Delirium Café, Moeder Lambik or Le Bier Circus. Just go and discover a nice pub in the St-Géry area or around Châtelain.

    1. Great Italian (and other) food at Bocconi (Amigo Hotel) and ask the maitre d' to suggest an Italian wine. Good buzz, architecture and cocktails at Belga Queen. Excellent fish at Vismet, Place Sainte-Catherine 23 in what would have been - until the ban - a smokey local bistrot.

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        Thank you Bill and Diplomatico, great recs, hugely helpful.