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Brussels Sports Bar/Pub

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I will be in Brussels after the New Year and I am looking for a good bar/pub to catch the NCAA Championship Game for American Football. I would love to see it live, but understand it may have to be tape delayed or replayed. Is there a good spot for this in Brussels?

I will be staying near Grand Place, but getting around town will not be a problem.

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  1. On Beursplein - near Grand Place - there is O'Reilly's Irish pub. They broadcast a lot of sports. Check http://oreillys.nl/brussels/sports.html

    A sports bar that is very popular with expats, is Fat Boys. It's at Luxemburgplein in the heart of the European quarter. http://www.fatboys-be.com/index.php?o...

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      Nice recs. Thank you!

    2. Fat Boys is the place to go for this. Skip O'Reillys during this time, they'll very likely have other stuff on most or all of the screen.