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Dec 28, 2010 06:01 AM

Has anyone heard of a drink called an Easy Livin' (sometimes spelled Easy Living)?

I thought this drink referred to when you mix several kinds of sodas/juices together. But some friends told me that was called a Suicide. a google search turned up two recipes that were completely different from each other and both included alcohol. does anyone know the real recipe for this drink?

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  1. Just as you and your friends have different opinions on what it is, drink names vary from region to region. Even in urban areas, drink names can vary from bar to bar, household to household. If you ask for a "real recipe," you're pretty much just asking for an opinion. There are quite a few old time cocktails that have standardized over the years like a fuzzy navel, screwdriver, sloe gin fizz, tom collins etc.

    My opinion would be that it's whiskey and vodka in iced tea.

    1. never heard of the easy livin' but a suicide in my parts is when you mix all the soda's and juices from the fountain together.