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Dec 28, 2010 05:17 AM

help me find shrimp and grits

my mom loves shrimp and grits
where is the best place for me take her.

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  1. I am far from a shrimp-and-grits connoisseur, but I've had them at both Simplicity wine bar (small appetizer portion) and at brunch at Frank.

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    1. re: magicbus

      Unless you feel like practicing your missile dropkick skills please be advised to avoid the "shrimp and grits" at Snack Bar.

      I was eyeing the distance between my table and the kitchen and wondering if I could execute a Mil Mascaras style lucha kick on whoever was in the kitchen sending out such a disgraceful version.

      1. re: scrumptiouschef

        Not on topic, but is Snack Bar worth the time? I have been there once and it was a horrible experience. Poor drinks and very bad service, we didn't get past the appetizer to try any of the actual food.

        1. re: bbq1995

          We tried breakfast when it first opened and haven't returned since. The biscuits & gravy looked and tasted like someone put cat food on top of the saddest little canned biscuits I've ever seen. The egg dish was equally sad with overcooked scrambled eggs and extremely salty homefries. Given that it is still open, maybe we had an unusual experience or they revamped the food completely. Otherwise, they are just staying in business based on tourist traffic.

      2. re: magicbus

        sometimes its on the menu at Eastside Showroom. Not to be missed when it is. most of the shrimp is frozen right now, so it may not be on this season's menu.

      3. Hoover's has a very acceptable version

        1. 2 options:
          Cherrywood coffeehouse on 38th has them for brunch every sat/sun. Fantastic.
          Black star beer co-op at airport & Lamar has an appetizer of 3 grit cakes w a perfectly cooked shrimp on top of each. We could've eaten them all night!

          1. I saw them on Max's Wine Dive's menu, not sure if it was their seasonal menu or not. I've liked all the food I've gotten there, so I would hope the shrimp and grits would be just as tasty.

            EDIT: They have them and sound deeelicious:
            Shrimp and Grits 17
            Shrimp, apple wood smoked bacon, scallions, parsley and jalapeno cheese grits
            served in a spicy butter brot

            Max's Wine Dive
            207 San Jacinto, Austin, TX 78701

            1. I really like the shrimp & grits at Trace in the W Hotel. I know for sure it's on their weekend brunch menu; not sure about other times of day or week.

              I also love the shrimp & grits at Black Star suggested by Parisgirl, but they are definitely non-traditional.