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Good Food and Drink in or near Futakotamagawa?

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I'm staying out in Futakotamagawa for a couple of weeks and wonder if anyone can share some recs for places nearby. I know there is this very useful post about Futakotamagawa: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/695849 and will definitely check out those recommendations.

I'm specifically wondering if people have more recs for not just Futakotamagawa but also nearby Sangenjaya, Ikejiri-Ohashi, and Jiyugaoka.

I'm open to most things Japanese and non-Japanese, though probably will dine more in the budget and mid-range than at very expensive places. I will be with a Japanese speaker so language is not an issue.

I've been to Akaoni in Sangenjaya a number of years ago and liked that place. I've also been to what I remember as a pretty good Neapolitan pizzeria in Ikejiri-Ohashi, but that too was a number of years back.

In Futakotamagawa probably my standout place so far is a cocktail bar called Maruume. I've hit a lot of the places in Takeshimaya, of course, as one does for ease, but it's been hard for me to distinguish between good and bad places in the surrounding neighborhood by just looking at them from outside.

Sushi Saji in Jiyugaoka seemed to get some good feedback--anyone recommend that place?

Thanks in advance for the assistance.

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  1. I did try Kuratsuki 蔵月 http://r.tabelog.com/tokyo/A1317/A131... . If you like offals, you may want to try this place. They serve all types of beef and pork offals on grilled yakiniku style, and also the signature dish is motsunabe. Overall, quite an enoyable meal.