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Best premade bloody mary mix?

I know bloody marys are easy to make and i would prefer to do that, but based on the volume i will need to make (and people that will be consuming them), I want to buy a premade mix. What's the best premade mix? Also, what kind of inexpensive to moderately priced vodka should I use? Typically, I use Finladia for stuff like this....

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  1. I don't know about the mix, but I like Scmirnoff (sp?) for cheap, non-nasty, neutral vodka.

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      concur about smirnoff.
      also, read, long time ago, that in blind taste testings it came out on top for mixed drinks.

    2. There recently was a long thread on this:

      www.kindredcocktails.com | CRAFT + COLLECT + CONCOCT + CATEGORIZE + COMMUNITY

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          Zing is the best, there's not even a close second.

        2. ZingZang!!

          Call me lame, but I quit making my own BM's after trying this mix.

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          1. It's not Bloody Mary mix, but it tastes just as good - if not better: Spicy V8. I love it

            1. If you can find Freshies, it's amazing. In particular the Habenero.

              1. Add fresh squeezed lemon juice to Tabasco Mild mix and you have the traditional Bloody Mary recipe.

                Luksusowa is the same price as Smirnoff but it is among the smoothest, most drinkable vodkas I have tasted.

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                  Despite my love of horseradish, my favorite mix is TABASCO® Extra Spicy Bloody Mary Mix

                2. Are you in the US? I'm assuming you are, as you're serving Bloody Mary's..not Caesars. The Bloody Mary in Canada...
                  If you're not familiar, a Caeser is the same as Bloody Mary, but with Clamato juice (tomato with clam juice) and the glass is rimmed with celery salt... Sooo much better!
                  I've seen some Clamato juice in the US.. Sometimes in the Mexican section...

                  1. Charleston Mix...Bold & Spicy

                    The ZingZang couldn't hold a candle to this stuff...

                    1. Backyard Mary Bloody Mary MIX!!!
                      Best handcrafted mix I ever had...