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Nov 17, 2005 02:36 PM

Tao of Tea tea availability???

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A while back I purchased a tin of what turned out to be an excellent malty assam tea at Whole Foods (desperation played a big part - tend not to buy tea there, although they have a surprisingly decent price for PG Tips these days). Finished that tin in record time - malty was an apt description and I love malty flavors. The brand was Tao of Tea. I can find this online, but the Whole Foods I initially purchased my tin at no longer seems to carry it.

Does anyone know this brand and where I can get it? Preference is for the Westside, but if I can make a 'hound-ish trek out of it, other areas of LA are great too.

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  1. I believe I have seen this brand at Cost Plus. Not sure if they have the one you're looking for, though.

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      Thanks. Checked out Cost Plus yesterday and while they do have a few Tao of Tea varieties, not the one for this particular jones.

    2. Ask if they can get you some. Some Whole Foods have different things than others.

      1. why not try going into a nice tea shop such as Chado or Le Palais des Thés and explore the range of Assams? Both shops (West Hollywood for Chado - Beverly Hills for Le Palais des Thés) have an amazing range.

        1. mmmm... I want to try some too! Could you please tell us exactly what it is you tried? You said that they had some at Cost Plus, but not the one you were looking for... does Tao of Tea carry more than one variety of Assam?

          1. The original comment has been removed