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Ketchup Chips

My wife loves these and I am hoping to surprise her for her birthday. Does anyone know where these can be bought for a reasonable price? I am especially looking for Herr's Ketchup Potato Chips. I think they sell them online but the price seemed very steep.

I am in northern Virginia. I have checked many local stores - no one sells them that I can tell. I am starting to believe they are a myth!

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  1. Ketchup chips are one of my favourites, too, and they can easily be found all over Canada. Sorry - I know that is of no help to you. When my sister lived in Scotland we took bags of them over to her when we went to visit. It was the single snack she missed most!

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      Not sure why. Walkers and Golden Wonder Ketchup crisps are widely available.

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        My sister was there several years ago and at that time she found none and she scoured Glasgow! She asked around in stores and no one could help! I've seen them many times in the UK myself since.

    2. I see them all the time in NYC. Maybe you can call Herr's and buy a case of the snack size bags?

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        Or just order them. I have no idea if this is the steep price that the OP saw. $1.59 per bag doesn't seem that high. With shipping maybe around $2.00 per bag.


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          $1.59/isn't terrible.. but they're usually on sale for much less...

      2. you might want to post on your local board as well to see if anyone has spotted them locally. otherwise, as cheesecake said, you can by them directly from Herr's. from a quick Google search it appears that K-Mart also sells them.

          1. I also believe that K-Mart sells them.

            1. This site


              sells various Canadian things. If you're talking about about a large bag, $1.59 sounds pretty cheap.

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                Very cheap. Our Old Dutch chips in stores here are $3.69 to $3.99 per bag regular price.

              2. I'm lucky enough to be a cook at a fish camp in Ontario for the greater part of the summer, and am careful to keep myself supplied with ketchup chips at all times. People either love or hate them, so it's fun to pull a blood-red junky-junk-food looking chip (one of those that picked up the heaviest blast of "ketchup dust") out and enjoy it in front of a hater.
                Amazon has them: http://www.amazon.com/s/qid=129392081..., but you're right, the Herr's chips are either expensive or in large lots. They have two other brands for less: Uncle Ray's and Waschusetts. Haven't tried them, so don't know if they're goodI've only had two kinds, Old Dutch and Lays. Love the Old Dutch, threw away the Lays, so I don't recommend those.

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                  Where is your fish camp and what is it called? I have been on a few Canadian fishing trips, all in the Ear Falls, Ontario area. I remember buying the ketchup chips up there but I've never seen them in Minnesota even though Old Dutch headquarters is 11 miles from our house.

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                    Old Dutch are our favorite brand for ketchup chips and get them in B.C. whenever we're up there. Their home is in Winnipeg.


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                      That's Old Dutch Canada. The U.S. headquarters are just south of us. They bought out a Canadian chip company many years ago so the Canadian headquarters are 500 miles north of us in Winnipeg.

                2. Uncle Ray's chips aren't only super cheap, but they're from a small company and delicious. They have a "ketchup" one as well. The site is apparently under construction, but you can write "Matt" to place an order. Good luck!


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                    Used to see Uncle Ray's in Port Angeles but haven't stopped at the station lately.
                    Thanks for reminding me.

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                      No problemo. At 99 cents and tasty, what's there not to like.

                      You're welcome.

                  2. I'll echo everyone else who told you to check your local K-Mart. I live in Florida, but that's the only place I've seen a decent selection of Herr's chips, including the ketchup chips, lately. If worst comes to worst, I'd send you a few bags for my cost plus shipping!

                    1. Good news, I found them at k-mart. Not only that, but they were buy one, get one free.