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Dec 27, 2010 05:17 PM

Where to buy beef or veal cheeks?

Looking to cook at home for New Year's and we'd like to find beef or veal cheeks to prepare. Is there anywhere between Columbia, MD and NOVA to buy them. Wagshals maybe?

If you have any preparation ideas as well, those would be much appreciated.


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  1. The Butcher's Block in Alexandria has them from time to time (Veal and Pork) - I would also try the butchers at Eastern Market...

    1. I was also going to recommend the butchers at Eastern Market -- which is Canales Quality Meats. They have been able to supply us with everything we've ever asked for (and we have asked for a number of cuts that are not the supermarket norm). If you didn't feel like trekking over to Eastern Market, here is their contact info if you wanted to give them a call:

      (202) 547-0542

      Canales Quality Meats
      225 7th St SE, Washington, DC

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        Thanks Heather. I'll check it out!