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Dec 27, 2010 04:59 PM

Frozen Posole in Los Angles area ???

Does anyone know of amy Mexican markets in the LA area that sell frozen Posole ?
It's available in the Southwest but I can't find it in LA.

Thank you .


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  1. any of the major ones - Vallarta, Gigante, Superior, El Super - should have it. where have you looked?

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    1. re: goodhealthgourmet

      I tried Vallarata in Simi and King Ranch in Pasadena. ( I live in Pasadena ).

      1. re: Siata

        call around to some of the others and ask.

    2. The Albertson's at Venice and Culver Blvd. has Bueno frozen posole. They also carry Bueno frozen, roasted New Mexico green chiles. They may have this stuff at all the Albertson's?

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      1. re: mopeyboy

        Don't Venice and Culver run parallel to each other?

        1. re: rnp0123

          They intersect in Culver City just a little ways west of Robertson Blvd.

        2. re: mopeyboy

          ooh, this is very good to know as it's not all that far from me. thanks!

        3. The WalMart in Rosemead has it in the frozen food section. They probably all carry it. I think a good alternative is Juanita's Mexican style hominy as long as you drain and rinse it. Cuts all the extra time it takes to cook the fresh.

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          1. re: Neta

            But don't you want to cook it long enough to meld all the flavors and tenderize the pork?

            Some old news: Surfas, the "kitchen store" in Culver City, used to carry dried hominy, which was my favorite way to start a pot of posole. If enough people requested it, they might start carrying it again. It does make difference to start from scratch.

            1. re: mopeyboy

              I've never had a problem doing this with canned hominy, especially the Mexican style. I just add the hominy later in the process; the pork gets almost melting and the flavors mingle nicely. I've never tried it with dried posole, though I'd certainly like to try sometime.

              Have you tried the much bigger King Ranch in Monrovia, by the way? They have a lot of stuff there's just no room for at the Orange Grove location. It's worth a trip just to check out that bigger range.