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Dec 27, 2010 03:05 PM

happy hour and food recs Nags Head

Going to Nags head w friends for New Years Eve. All adults, all couples, all foodies :-) looking for a place to have a nice meal on NYE (heard good things about owens?), also need brunch recs and happy hour recs if possible. Thanks a mil for your help and happy end of the year!

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  1. I am sure Basnight's is open on NY's but you should call on each.

    Blue Moon Beach Grill @ 4104 South Virginia Dare Trail, Nags Head, NC 252 - 261 - 2583.
    Basnight's Lone Cedar Cafe @ 7623 South Virginia Dare Trail, Nags Head, NC 252 - 441 - 5405.
    Lucky 12 Tavern @ 3308 S. Virginia Dare Trail, Nags Head, NC 252 - 255 - 5825.
    Owen's Restaurant @ 7114 South Virginia Dare Trail, Nags Head, NC 252 - 441 - 7309.

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    1. re: Littleman

      called owens, they are open for din and blue moon is closed. No info on lone cedar though the food looks pretty basic (though brunch does look good) and am going to lucky 12 for the cheesesteaks :-) thanks for the heads-up!

    2. The OB can be a bit deserted during the winter...lots of restaurants shut down. For example, per their website, the aformentioned Blue Moon Grill is closed until February 2011. Basnight's and Owens get very mixed reviews on Chowhound.. Also, NC's unique liquor laws prohibit what you are probably thinking of as far as happy hour specials. In NC, they have to be offered all day, and can't be buy one get one free, for example.

      Kll Devil Grill is a good place for lunch and dinner, and I think its open now. Closed on Sundays and Mondays. I like Sam and Omie's for b'fast, but the reports aren't universally positive. Tortugas Lie generally gets good reviews, alhough I went once and didn't like it. Mama Kwans also gets good reviews, I haven't been.

      Do a search on here and you'll find lots of information. For example:

      1. For dinner, Basnights Lone Cedar Grill is always a good choice, if you look at their website you'll learn a lot about them, and the steps they take to ensure quality and fresh ingredients on your plate.

        Owens does many things well too, and we go back often.

        There are a ton of places in the area to visit and have a cocktail and app, its actually what I enjoy doing most when I visit the area (other than fishing). Some of my favorite places to visit around happy hour are:

        The Sugar Creek Seafood Restaurant for the view.

        Sam and Omies, just for the old school OBX atmosphere, and they also do a reasonably good breakfast.

        Awful Arthurs, another old school OBX bar, they also have a nice retail shop to buy OBX apparel.

        I also really enjoy the Black Pelican, it's a few miles north, but nice bar area, and I personally think they do a very solid appetizer pizza, with several good pies to choose from on their menu. Its a fun place to settle in for a few hours, and they also offer a lot of daily fresh specials (as most of the local quality restaurants do).

        It's hard to go wrong in that area, have a great time.

        Sugar Creek Restaurant
        7340 S Virginia Dare Trl, Nags Head, NC 27959

        Lone Cedar Cafe
        7623 S Virginia Dare Trl, Nags Head, NC 27959

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        1. re: picklelicious

          Food Dudes is worth a shot. There are plenty of ways to go wrong in that area, so beware. I've had three terrible meals at Lone Cedar, and an overpriced dinner at Owen's that was not much better than Red Lobster. The sushi place close to the outlet mall is a little bit better than average, and worth a trip considering the low level of restaurants in the Nag's Head area.

          Lone Cedar Cafe
          7623 S Virginia Dare Trl, Nags Head, NC 27959

          1. re: veganhater

            I've certainly walked out of both Lone Cedar and Owens disappointed. Owens and to a slightly lesser extent Lone Cedar are definitely pricey, but usually they both do enough things right that I'm willing to give them another visit. And, on your Red Lobster comparison, if you've eaten at Red Lobster lately, you understand how harsh of a review the Owen's comparison is, I made the mistake of eating at a couple Red Lobster's a couple months ago, and I don't think I will ever make that mistake again. What they choose to serve for shrimp is unfathomable to me.

            I never have tried or heard of Food Dudes, and will put that on the list for my next visit.

            Lone Cedar Cafe
            7623 S Virginia Dare Trl, Nags Head, NC 27959

            1. re: picklelicious

              Food Dude's Kitchen @ 1216 S. Va. Dare Trail, Seashore Shops, MP 9.5 Beach Road, Kill Devil Hills, NC 252 - 441 - 7994.

              1. re: Littleman

                Linking: Food Dudes Kitchen and Owens Restaurant.

                Owens Restaurant
                7114 S Virginia Dare Trl, Nags Head, NC 27959

                Food Dudes Kitchen
                1216 S Virginia Dare Trl, Kill Devil Hills, NC 27948

              2. re: picklelicious

                ps. i HATE!!!! red lobster, commercal crap I say! makes me angry to even walk in there! thanks for the heads up!

          2. The original comment has been removed
            1. Food Dudes is good, but if you're looking for something a bit more upscale, the Blue Point in Duck is FABULOUS! Lucky 12 is great--more a tavern type atmosphere. Kill Devil Grill is wonderful, as well. The Pearl, at the Ramada oceanfront in KDH should be wonderful for New Year's Eve. Also, Ocean Boulevard in Kitty Hawk is terrific and will do a great NYE spread.

              All things considered, I'd do the Blue Point....

              Blue Point Bar & Grill
              1240 Duck Rd, Kitty Hawk, NC 27949

              Kill Devil Grill
              2008 S Virginia Dare Trl, Kill Devil Hills, NC 27948

              Ocean Boulevard Bistro & Martini Bar
              4700 Virginia Dare Trl N, Kitty Hawk, NC 27949

              The Pearl
              1731 N Virginia Dare Trl, Kill Devil Hills, NC 27948