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Dec 27, 2010 01:55 PM

Coconut oil surplus

I have an abundance of coconut oil, about 1 gallon, that needs to get used up in the near future. What can I do with it? Anyone know an icing recipe using it in place of butter? Suggestions welcome.

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  1. Is it extra virgin? (Can't imagine at that size but you never know.)

    My recipe for poundcake w/coconut oil is awesome if it is:

    (If I do say so myself. lol I have a cold/flu and my "filter" is whacked.)

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    1. re: shanagain

      It is virgin, got it from Mountain Rose Herbs. We have been using it to make hand cream, lip balm and body butters. Organic also I believe.

      I made a chocolate cake with it instead of butter and boy is it good, topped with raspberry preserves.

      My brother puts it on toast with a dash of salt.

      1. re: CCSPRINGS

        Lucky you! Doesn't it do magical things to cake? So velvety and with a perfect crumb.

    2. Start giving each other kidding, I've read that coconut oil is very very nice for massages, plus good for your skin (and scalp!)

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      1. re: Val

        Yup, my mom still prefers the traditional coconut oil for skin (emollient) and hair versus moisturizing lotions and hair conditioners.

        1. re: sweetTooth

          And you can't beat the aroma...smells SO good, especially as it warms by rubbing into the skin. Good stuff!

            1. re: chefj

              Close. She is Maharashtrian. Had we been South Indian, I'd have many more food related suggestions. :-)

              1. re: sweetTooth

                Come on Maharashtrian Is great, Eggplants stuffed with coconut and peanuts, Kothimbir vadi, Gulpoli just to name a few!

                1. re: chefj

                  Of course Maharashtrian food is great. What I meant was had we been South Indian, I'd have more suggestions for OP for using *coconut oil* in food.

                  Gee thanks for reminding me of gulpoli! Now I want some. :( I guess tup-gul with poli will have to do.

                  1. re: sweetTooth

                    OH! sorry i can be a bit thick (- ;

        2. I second the CO massages. But you can also make candies with them (CO, chocolate, ground nuts etc) or sub. CO for butter in cookies, too.

          1. Brownies, pie crust, cookies. Melt over popcorn, too.

            1. I made a carrot cake a few weeks ago and substituted the veg oil and butter in the original recipe with coconut oil ... it turned out great! ... I didn't frost the carrot cake, but next time I do I will substitute butter for coconut oil in the cream cheese frosting ...

              I also add a few tablespoons to my breakfast protein shake each morning.

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              1. re: CocoTO

                You mean substitute coconut oil for the oil and butter in the cske, and for the butter in the frosting - in this case it's easy to figure out your meaning but in some posts, it's unclear.