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Dec 27, 2010 01:50 PM

Wine and Cheese restaurant recommendation

My husband and I loved the wine and cheese in Rome and Amalfi Coast this past summer, and I would love to find some place in NYC that accommodates this. We'd prefer something more than an appetizer course. In Rome we drank various wines and ate tons of cheese for meals on end ...

Any recommendations?

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  1. Casallula should work well for you, if you don't mind the possibility of a wait (no reservations, and it's small).

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          Does Artisanal have platters that would accommodate dinner? Do people make the platters their dinner? Or just appetizers?

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            I have had full meals of cheese and wine at Artisanal several times - it is what they do best. You can order cheese and wine to your heart's content, however you want to do it. They know their wine and cheese there, and there is also a big menu if you want a few other items as well. It has the best cheese selection in the city, and the wine list is very good too.

            Casellula is a cute place, but no reservations and service can be a bit haphazard and the lists don't compare to Artisanal. Celeste is a loud, crowded Italian restaurant and only if you get very lucky will you have an experience as described below.

            Neither Casellula or Celeste takes reservations, and they both frequently have long waits.

            401 W 52nd St, New York, NY 10019

        2. There's a wine and cheese bar called Caselulla (might be spelling that wrong) in Hell's Kitchen that's great. Artisanal is a french bistro that specializes in cheese -- the atmosphere is noisy and loud and it's a big room but great cheese/wine. More off the radar....Celeste is an Italian restaurant on the UWS where the owner (if he's not in Italy) will pay special attention to you if you are into wine (particularly expensive wine) and his cheese plate, which includes some interesting selections he claims to have smuggled back from Italy. Would recommend going late just for wine/cheese because it's super crowded during regular dinner hours.

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            Caselulla looks like they have a ton of cheeses! Can anyone speak to their cheese flights? Prices? Arrangement?

          2. Hi, bringing an old thread back to life but this is essentially what I'm looking for. Wine bars with great cheeses and hopefully delicious small plates for a group of 3-4.

            I'm considering Casellula, Artisnal, Terroir, Inoteca, In Vino and the newcomer, Murray's Cheese Bar.

            Out of these, the only place that I've been to is Terroir. I like it a lot but it's not really a cheese place and also, I wanted to try something new. What is the atmosphere at Murray's like, say compared to something like Terroir? Any suggestions on which out of the ones that I listed (or something that I missed) should I try? Thanks!

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              I've been to Terroir (E. Village location), Casellula, and Murray's, and done the cheese thing at all of them with different size groups. Neither Terroir nor Casellula takes reservations and Casellula in particular can be really crowded from when it opens, so with a larger group that may be difficult depending on when you're planning. I've never had a real issue with getting seats at Terroir, though I've usually gone on the earlier side. They are pretty good at politely shifting people around at the communal table so they can seat groups together. The advantage with Murray's in terms of seating is that they are now on OpenTable, so you can get a reservation for your group.

              As far as atmosphere, I like Terroir for a date night, but I've also enjoyed it with friends too. It's teeny tiny and because of the communal table you can pretty much hear everyone else's conversation. Casellula is adorable and charming but also pretty small. Murray's feels more restaurant-y than the other two.

              As far as cheese goes, Murray's wins out, I think. Their cheese selection is vast and they keep it updated with new cheeses. Their cheesemongers are so knowledgeable and the pairings are creative and fun. I haven't tried much off the non-cheese menu. Casellula's cheese plate is beautiful and I also enjoyed a few things off their non-cheese menu (the pig's ass sandwich is glorious!). Terroir's cheese plate is not really the focus of their menu, but it's well curated and their other bar snacks are delicious (the sage leave wrapped lamb sausage is one of my favorites).

              Terroir's wine list is definitely the best out of the three, if that matters to you. Also I just realized you said you've been there, so you probably know that!

              Have fun wherever you go!