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Dec 27, 2010 01:30 PM

fish cakes

I just watched a program on Cooking Channel, an Indian cooking show, where the host made some great-looking fish cakes. It occurs to me that I almost never see such things on New Orleans menus, yet we have crab cakes everywhere you turn. Anyone know of a restaurant that serves good, or even ANY, fish cakes?

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  1. i am from seattle, i have heard of fish cakes here. but i have never heard of fish cakes in the new orleans area.

    1. You may be able to find it at a Vietnamese restaurant. I am not too familiar with current menus for Vietnamese restaurants. But it would be listed as cha ca or a popular dish would be cha ca thanh long (Vietnamese tumeric fish with dill). And I don't know about the Vietnamese grocery stores in New Orleans but the ones here in Charlotte where I live now sell them also. They aren't anything like crab cakes but more like a paste that is then fried, the Vietnamese version.