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Dec 27, 2010 01:21 PM

What's For Dinner? Part LXV / Part 65

OK, we've hit 250 on the previous thread - lots of great cooking going on during the Christmas week on that thread!

So - what's everything thinking about doing for the upcoming New Year's Eve celebration? Are you still trying to work your way through the leftovers from Christmas? :-)

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  1. As for me - it's the final night of leftovers - beef tenderloin with cognac sauce, half of a baked potato, and roasted brussels sprouts. I *almost* took some meat sauce out of the freezer, as I was craving pasta, but I'll go with the leftovers and do some actual "cooking" tomorrow. :-) I do know I'll sleep well tonight with the shoveling I've done today!

    1. i'm am trying to decide what i should do with the trimmed of side from the tenderloin. so far someone echoed burgers, stroganoff or carne asada. i'm thinking of just trimming these up for grilling and throw it on a salad. i haven't had steak salad in a long time.

      i have a seafood risotto on my brain, or maybe pizzas also...

      1. Sea scallops: seasoned with a seafood blend & pan seared in a bit of olive oil; scallops removed and pan deglazed with chardonnay & chicken stock then a couple cloves of garlic was tossed in and everything simmered before the scallops added back to warm through. To go with, I made roasted tomato & oregano rice; browned rice in olive oil before adding chicken stock and the tomatoes, which I oven dried then packed in olive oil over the summer and a parmesan broccoli puree. Dessert will be leftover toasted walnut chocolate tart.

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          your broccoli puree is so bright green! how do you do that? is there another herb in it? looks yummy.

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            I bought fresh broccoli and quick blanched for 30 seconds then drained and froze it a couple months ago. Tonight I just simmered it a few minutes in a little water until hot through, drained and tossed into a food processor with butter, parmesan and pepper. The quick blanch preserves the color. It was simple but so delicious.

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              great idea, i never think to do something like that. thx!

        2. defrosted a pork tenderloin that had been cumin-ed and braised, sliced into chunks. took some pork fat (leftover from xmas biscuits) and sauteed sliced onions and celery, fresh thyme, s&p, and then added parboiled sliced potatoes. deglazed pan with a little balsamic then added in the pork. Don't know what I'm calling that except Oldster's dinner. See what he has to say. Oh and with that he can have some sweetened red cabbage leftover from a local German restaurant we went to last night. For me and the BF, leftover Honeybaked ham and a general cleaning out of the fridge will be WFD chez nous. i'm so glad i finally ran out of chips and smoked trout pate....

          1. Tonight's dinner is chicken Parm. One of my kids mentions wanting it the other day and now suddenly I am craving it too. Seemed like a nice thing to make on a snowed in day.