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Dec 27, 2010 11:40 AM

LC Storage?

Does anyone else have alot of Le Creuset cookware? I re arranged my kitchen and I am now having trouble storing my LC. I use most of it weekly so storing extra items in my closet wasn't working for me.

The "corner" iron stand doesn't hold enough and it wouldn't go in my kitchen anyway.

Has anyone bought those wooden triangle thingy's to stack them? I saw them at an LC outlet store but I thought the pots would just tip over?

Has anyone stacked them on top of each other -with the lids upside down? Does it leave marks on the lids?

I think I might be scratching up the rims by just stacking them on top of each other, since I rearranged my kitchen, the rims look marked up :(

Thanks for letting me pick your brains!

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  1. Not the greatest pic here.. but I got one of these fretted folding shelves from Pier One..
    I didn't have a corner to use.. so I have this behind my kitchen table.

    I don't know how many pieces you have but I have the lower 3 shelf to go under a window.. and have two per shelf.
    3.5qt (22cm) French Oven - blue
    5qt Oval French Oven - flame
    5.5qt (26cm) French Oven - red
    3.5qt (30cm) Braiser/Casserole - blue
    7.5qt (32cm) Oval Deufeu - red
    6.75qt (30cm) Wide Round - Dijon (not pictured


    If you have more and space for the taller unit, depending on your sizes you could get 2 or 3 to a shelf. It comes with stabilizers for actually attaching it to the wall for added stability. (I don't have this in place on mine and have had no issues with the lower unit)

    This may not be your preference.. but I hope this is helpful.. Pier One has some different shelving options.. one might suit your needs better.

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    1. re: grnidkjun

      It is so cute. I need to do the same.

    2. Here's how someone stores a large collection. It was posted on the LC site on Face Book. You can get that piece from IKEA for about $80 or so I believe. You just need to find the room for it!

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      1. re: blondelle

        Wow, what a beautiful display. Wish I had the room (and the collection :)

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            Wow.. beautiful.. either they keep them immaculate or they don't get used.
            It looks like a really nice store display.

            I can't help but keep going back to look at it.. makes me want to take out a cabinet in my kitchen.. but I don't think I'd be disciplined enough to keep mine as neatly arranged as hers if I did.

          2. Well, here is the deal- I have space and shelves under my stove, but the problem is in the stacking (there). They are all stacked all over each other! I figured it shouldn't matter much (they are IRON for cripes sake)...but I think I am damaging the rims on the pots when I stack other pots on top of them.
            All these shelves show the cookware - with the lids on them and not stacked on top of each other. I would need a *huge* shelving unit if I didn't stack them in some way, that is not an option.

            I tried placing towels between the pots, but it turned out to be mess. I was hoping there was some kind of gizmo for stacking heavy items that would work for my LC.

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            1. re: sedimental

              You definitely will scratch up the lids if you stack them with the lids upside down. The trick is to use those little protectors that come with the pots. You can probably get more from LC. She has some of her stacked that way in the photo. That's what the stores do when they display a stack of the ovens and it will prevent ruining the lids. The pot rim is rough and abrasive on the lid enamel without them.

              1. re: blondelle

                You're right.. I didn't notice them before.. but those little black rubber nibs that slip over the edges.